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This is Vannie. She died May 8, 2019.

Her people had a session with me to find out if she is happy and with out pain in Heaven.

Here are some of the things Vannie shared during our session:

“I want my moms to know that a man (one of their fathers) came for me when I died.  He picked me up and kissed me all over my body. He said, “Come here little girl I am going to give you a bath and take you to nap with me while I watch tv.’ He held me in a sunshine spray bath that had rainbow light.  I snuggled into his arms and fell asleep in his lap with the sound of the tv in the background. 

When I awoke he said, ‘Time to go and smell the garden’.  Then took me outside to a fresh garden of grass, flowers and vegetables.  I can smell better than I have ever smelled before. I can see better than I have ever seen before.  I feel like a magical puppy in love with my surroundings…

I want them to know that I always felt loved in my life. I always felt included. I felt like they talked me like I was one of the girls… I want them to know I love them.”


After the session her people wrote:

“We loved our session with Laura. We lost Vanny very suddenly after surgery. We Miss her so. I feel more at peace knowing she is happy, and loving her surroundings. Heaven has all the things she loved here; sunshine baths, she loved to sun in the back yard on a cushion, she napped every day to the TV on my mom’s and my lap, watermelon, her food cut in small pieces.

Laura has an incredible gift. I wish I had. Thank you Laura !!! We plan on having another session with our sweet, sassy girl very soon.I could never express how much we loved our session. Thank you for allowing us this precious link.”


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2 thoughts on “Vannie”

  1. I wish I could talk to or hear from my baby girl Lola . I loved that dogter of mine . yes she was my daughter even though everyone only saw just a dog named Lola .

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