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Vegan Surprises

Farewell to Eggs

Clearer, Quicker, More Awake

Friday, January 11, 2013

It has been seven weeks since I have moved from vegetarian to vegan and gluten/ sugar free. It has been surprisingly easy. I thought I would miss eggs and a little bit of goat cheese but I have had no cravings for such things. I also thought that if I started to truly clean my system that my psychic abilities would overwhelm me.

I had this idea because a clean system in the past meant that visions arose with no control and the painful experiences of others would lock themselves in my body, making me cranky and exhausted. Sleep was never mine. It was not only the dysfunctional stories of people in my life that were bothering me, it was also the realization of my faults.

I have done a lot of work on myself in the last 10 years. I have dissected my thinking, my emotional responses, my ideas of the past and the traumatic events in my life, and I have learned to live and work with my shortcomings. I have learned to create boundaries in my life and in my psychic world. I no longer need to numb myself with bread and sugar in order to take a break from my sensitivities.

I found it hard to purchase non-leather boots. I was worried that they would not hold up. I’ll keep you posted.

I canceled my Arrowhead water account because one day they made a mistake and delivered Nestle water instead; when I Googled Nestle I found out that they own Arrowhead and that they do unnecessary animal testing on dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, gerbils, and other animals. I am sparing you what Nestle does to these animals because many of your hearts will burn with pain and disgust at the shocking truth of how our animals are tortured for tea. I believe cleaning my system and becoming a vegan put me in a flow of spiritual awareness that allowed a divine power to switch my water delivery. Something greater than me wants me to know the truth.

Since I have become a vegan, and gluten/sugar free, I cry more for animals’ and people’s suffering but it does not debilitate me. I tear up and then I let it go. My taste for food is changing. I crave foods for how I healthy and energetic I feel after a meal. My energy level has increased. I find myself being more productive. I think faster. I have a better memory. I am clearer and quicker when talking to the animals. My intuition is more evident. When I meditate, my visions are clearer, as if I have washed the window of my view. I am all-around happier. I feel awake.

What I find the most remarkable is that my aspirations for my future are becoming more attainable. I have more of a drive to set goals and work towards them when before I was too tired to add something else to my day.

Since I turned 40 last month, I have been looking over the decades of my life and realizing how much I have changed. I find today I am happier with who I am and where I am in life. I am moving towards my future self with excitement and clear vision rather than desperations of wanting to change who I am now. I am excited for this journey of change. I am excited for my future self.

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