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What my animals want to say to the world!

This morning, I decided to check in with my animals.  I ask them,

Serafina (grey cat): “What I have been noticing lately is that the more people who know that my person can hear animals the more people listen to me when they come over.  There is not one person that comes over that doesn’t wonder what I am saying.  Even people walking down the street are wondering what I am thinking.  I love it.  I just wish they all could hear me clearly.  I have been practicing sending them messages and many of them are getting it.”
Maia (GSD / wolf dog): “I want people to know to stop talking about their suffering.  You can suffer and still enjoy life.  Even though I have a hard time telling my legs to work and my spine hurts, I still have a lot of fun.  Maybe one day, I will not be able to walk again, but I don’t want to think about it.  My person knows a lot of dogs that die that way.  She comes home and worries about me.  But I tell her not to worry. We go to a good place after life and I would rather spend the time going for a swim or getting a massage.  There is no point in worrying about something that you have no idea if it will happen or not.”

Storm (Aussie): “My mom told me I am going to be a human in my next life and I believe it.  I have become much more conscious of my behavior because that is what my mom told me a good human does.  She told me the other day that I am already a better human than most and I wonder about that because I love a lot of humans.  When my mom tells people about me becoming a human almost always they say I probably have been one already.  I believe it, because one time I had a dream that I was a man who harpooned a whale and I didn’t know about those things until that dream.”

Makia (white cat): “I just want to tell people to work hard for what they believe in, because when they do they are happier and have a special glow about them.  When they forget to work hard the energy around them looks dull and they feel depressed.  I get tired of people not working towards their dreams.  When I see this I wonder, why even have a dream then?”

Joey (cat): “If you are going to feed the squirrels, then remember they count on you for food.  Don’t starve them by not refilling the feeder and remember they like fresh water just like domestic animals.”

Bean (Bunny): “I am going to be in a movie and I over heard my mom telling my old person that I am the best bunny ever and I have been really good.  He didn’t believe it and my mom stuck up for me.  That made me feel like she really loves me.”

Laura Stinchfield – Pet Psychic

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2 thoughts on “What my animals want to say to the world!”

  1. I see the comment about making an appointment……..is that possible to get help for my ROOT? Do you talk from a distance? All your animal talks are so moving and does confirm my beliefs in communication and reincarnation. Thank you for what you do.

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