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Wise Wisdom From a late father

Part of my work is talking with deceased people with my clients.

A woman asked me to ask her late father if she sabotaged her last romantic relationship. This is what he said,


“Honey, you did not sabotage it. You kept trying to tread water when you needed to get on the boat and sail away. You are strong. If you look back, there were signs that he could not hold true to your heart long term. Make a note of those signs. Recognize and choose to no longer have them in your life. This is about learning what you want. Declare what you want. Hold it firm and true in your heart. How do you want to feel? When you know this, the next man will surely be able to hold you dear.”


She then asked her father if he had something to do with the new job she just got. He answered,


“Sweetheart, I would like to take the credit for it, and I do, of course, charge your energy field with consistent, loving energy, but this new opportunity is also the new you taking charge of how you feel and what you want to be around. It is a good job for you. You will find friendships and happiness there. Keep remembering to stay high out of being the victim. Remember to check yourself and to change it in your field before you communicate it as a problem.”

Her father is giving her guidance on being aware of old patterns of relationships and not getting too invested in old ways of thinking. When she finds herself in a similar unwanted way of feeling, she should raise her energy and change her perspective. Then she may see a change in her environment and the way people treat her. This is wise wisdom for all of us to remember.

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