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Wise Words

Christy the human of canine’s Cupid, Lucy Liu, Ruby, Angel-Pup, Sweet Pea, and Piglet wrote to me about her sessions with me,

“It’s been so invaluable to discover animals largely do understand what we say around them even if I imperfectly grasp what they want me to know.”

This is my life’s work and she said it so beautifully.

Thank you, Christy!

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1 thought on “Wise Words”

  1. I, too, wish I could communicate with Sonny and Buddy the way Laura does.
    Sometimes it seems as tho they really want to say something to me and I just dont know what it is. Oh, I get the I’m hungry, I wnat to go out, please bring me my glass of fresh water messages. Its just some of their thoughts I never
    understand. LaDelle

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