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This is Zoey.  She died at 12 years old.  She says from the afterlife,


“I want them to know that I didn’t disappear. Before I died, I was not scared, but I conflicted because my life was pretty cool, and my mom took such good care of me.  I felt she needed me. I was very important to her.  She needed me for support and smiles.  I was worried my mom would be too hurt.  I think she is doing ok. I feel like she feels me curl up with her….Sometimes I get ice-cream here.  I can run now.  I can chase birds which is super fun. I can be those crows.  I  come to visit, roll on my back, and snuggle into the pillows. It’s not a bad place. It’s a good place.  I feel them talking with me all the time. I feel my mom stroking my back. I love them.”


After our session her person writes:


I have been quite depressed and in a lot of pain over my babies death. I couldn’t come to grips with not knowing “where” she was and if she was frightened or alone. It felt as if my tears had no end. Laura spoke to my Zoey and answered many questions that troubled me so deeply. For the first time, after my phone session with Laura, I felt a calm in my soul. She really helped me when I was on a very troubled road. Last night, after speaking to Laura, was the first good night’s sleep I have had since my baby died. Talking to Laura was the best decision I made. If you do speak to her yourself, get the recording of the session – there are very important things that you might not remember in the moment – the recording was very helpful. Thank you Laura – you were heaven sent.

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