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Laura Out And About

Early Sunday Morning Drive! Hudson, Felix, Easter, Luca ~ #adventuredog

Early Sunday Morning Drive! Hudson, Felix, Easter, Luca ~ #adventuredog

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Laura Out And About

Hudson says, “How many thoughts make up my future?” We have been talking a lot about having goals and how our thoughts create our lives. Hudson has been listening! It’s comments like this that see my late Stormy in him. Hudson says, “I want play time and mountain time in my future. I also would like to make every being smile when they see me!”

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This is Dozer at 10 months old with his person.

Dozer talked about a past life and said,

“I know that one time I had another life and my mom (person) and I we had lots smiles together. We were good friend and my dad he was this man that always loved my mom but he had to win my moms heart and every day he brought her flowers until she said yes.”


Testimonial from Dozer’s person: I have spoken with Laura twice now. My first experience was when my little man Rocky passed away last year and now to talk to my new pet Dozer to try and figure out some behavioral issues!

I am always blown away by the things that she can tell me, most of which only the pet and I would know!!

She has helped me through grief, which not only made things a little easier but also gave me the gift of being able to talk to him and let him know how much he was loved. And she has helped me now to find out a few issues that can now be addressed that I would have not known otherwise!

She is such an amazing person to talk to always making you feel so welcomed!

If you are questioning if you should make an appointment or not I strongly suggest you give her a try and I’m sure you will be just as blown away as I always am! I have no doubt that Laura and I will be having many more sessions!! I will never be able to show her how grateful I am for all that she does!

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Laura Out And About

Serafina the cat says, “Why is Felix so tired?” Long hike then a day at the barn. Serafina says, “I talked to many squirrels today and told a crow to get out of the yard. Then I took a nap on the front porch.”

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Laura Out And About

This is Luca my poodle. Tonight we had this conversation: Me: Luca, you need a bath. Do you want to die your Mohawk again? Luca: Yes! Me: What color? Luca: “Green…Bright Green” We had previously been thinking about doing Army green or camo colors. Me: Bright Green? Why? Luca: So the horses at the barn think I’m cool! Me: laughter! It’s so funny because the horses are fascinated with Luca. They are mostly the breed Paso Fino which have these really beautiful gaits that remind me of dancers. The dogs and I walk around the pastures (which are a bright green and the lengthy of Lucas Mohawk!). The horse always are curious of Luca following him around, sniffing him, running away, coming back to watch him. They watch him more than Luca, Stormy and myself. I guess Luca’s Mohawk will be Bright Green. Stay tuned. More at: www.ThePetPsychic.com www.facebook.com/PetPsychicRadio

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katy edited








This is Katy. She is 5 years old.

This is what she says,

“When it’s your birthday, are we going to have fire cake? Everybody enjoys fire cake(candles). Can I have one for my birthday?

If Deacon (other dog in house) goes to heaven can I go with him? Well if he leaves me here mom can not get another dog.

Mom must say, ‘Katy is my number one priority. We are going to the beach.’

My paw is my translator for my mouth. It says ‘come on mommy. lets go mommy’ or it says, ‘pet me mommy’ or it says, ‘hey mommy you look extra special good today. Want to say something nice to me? Aren’t you glad you have me as your dog? Aren’t we a great team.’

I am the little missy queen of the house.”

Her person writes:

Katy is the confident dog. She was left in a foreclosure and she is determined to be loved and she is not shy.

She usually refers to herself as the “white princess” or the “Missy Queen”.

Long ago Laura told her she had to behave and Katy told Laura to stop picking on her. “Laura, you are just wind in my head.”

Then Katy said “la la la la la, I am not listening.”

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Trail Run











First Trail run with Felix!

Luca my poodle was always up a head and circling back. He ran three times as much as me & my friend. I kept Felix (chihuahua mix) on leash just because of coyotes. Felix climbed rocks like a champ. I wasn’t sure he was going to be hiking / trail running dog but he sure is!

Felix says, “I thought it was amazing like I could almost fly we were up so high. I kept believing ‘I can do it. I can do it.” That’s my pup! Luca says, “I had so much fun. I felt like a trail running natural.”

That he is! Maybe you can notice Luca sporting his new hair cut! He has a Mohawk!

luca mohawk

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Stormys Secrets

Stormy says, “In order to be happy & healthy it’s important to love yourself and your family, have a positive attitude, rest, exercise, believe in your diet and supplements, pray to Heaven that you learn your lessons with ease, and to open yourself up to new experiences and friends. That’s my secret to my wellbeing.” ️

I thought it might be helpful for others to see what keeps Stormy so happy & healthy at 15.5 years old! Stormy has had an 8cm meter tumor in his liver was given 6mo to a year to live. He was having liver seizures…. He is now almost 16years old 2.5 years later and has arthritis but happy as can be.

He eats veggies. Mostly avocado, broccoli & zucchini, eggs, raw green tripe from the butcher or raw or freeze dried Stella and Chewys duck. He gets one banana every afternoon. He is also on dr schultz’s superfood. Coconut oil, miracle pack probiotic & enzymes, https://canna-pet.com, and same.

He loves fruit cantaloupe and pineapple his favorite.

Every now and then I feed him organic oatmeal or his very special favorite treats apple gate sausage or fried veggie egg rolls!

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felix walk harness










Felix says,

“Good morning! Everyday I learn something new and it’s fun. I have learned to make new friends.”

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Wushu doggie day care










This is Wushu. She is 3 years old. I have known her since she was a small young pup. She’s my friend.

She says, “I know that you are always called in when I am trouble but I don’t feel like I am trouble this time. I feel like Mickey (Dog of Wushu’s person’s boyfriend) is really not wanting me around. I feel like he feels like no one should get close to his dad, even my mom. I say this is no problem let it be and

he says, “This is a problem. I like my alone time.”

… I go and hide because I don’t like myself when I am have Mickey around. I don’t like the feelings I have in my body. I have fear and I have an intense feeling to be mad, and I am not sure how to make it better.

*After the conflict resolution Wushu says,

“I would like to tell my mom that I really love her and I am really happy with our life together. I feel good about that. I feel like mom makes me smart. I hope to become friends with Mickey cause he is right enemies are not fun. They make you sick to your stomach.”


Wushu person writes:  Laura, thank you again for your help. Before we could do anything after our conversation, there was an immediate, positive shift between Mickey and Wushu’s interactions. Their tolerance of each other continues to improve (gradually…as strong personalities sure need baby steps!), but we’re working on it. We shared burgers per Mickey’s request, go to new places, and this past weekend both of them did a great job at the beach (per Wushu’s request)!

Wushu and Mickey with their person Jen.

Wushu and Mickey with their person Jen.

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