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Sunday Off With The Dogs

Storm & Maia at our old stomping ground "Marina Park"
Storm & Maia at Marina Park off Pierpont in Ventura, Ca

We lived down the street from this park for a few months.  Maia and Stormy were in their prime then.  Storm would play ball and we would have to avoid other dogs because of Maia’s wolf nature.  I was able to spend a couple of hours here on Sunday.  Maia was so much easier.  She allowed dogs to walk by and say hello to Stormy.  They went in the water and we watched the surfers surf the waves off the Getty.   I always feel a sense of relief at this park.  I learned to surf in these waters on a 6ft Patagonia board.  To this day my jaw still cracks from being hit by my board in waters that were way too big for me.  One day, I would like to own a house here.

Maia, “After all these years, the park still smells the same.  I felt younger just walking around.”

Storm, “I wish we lived closer to the park.  I love the grass, the ocean, the birds and the people.  Memories are happy sometimes.”

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