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During a pet psychic phone consultation session. Africa relayed this message to her person,

“I want to tell my mom that here I can see her and I can tell her which way to walk if she stumbles. I feel like I left mom a lone and I dont like her feeling lonely but I want her to know that although I miss her in body I dont feel the intense loneliness because I can feel my mom as strong as if I was in life with her. My mom has a strong connection to this side and here on this side my moms spirit is really healthy and it jogs a long side of me when I run and she washes my face here with a cloth and she kisses my forehead and she holds my paws and legs when we are sleeping and she strokes me. I live in that place with her all the time.
I want her also to know that her intelligence is really accurate and bright here. IT means that here she is never nervous about what she is going to say or how it is taken. It is very clean and my mom has a pure confidence about her.

I want to thank her for holding me and I want to tell her that my death was not frightening to me. It was a lifting out of a body that was getting heavier and heavier when mom saw my body rotting in a dream I tried to show her the brightness of the air and the cleanliness of spirit but it was hard to show. Like a fast moving birds (small, fast agile, birds).

I feel like I do want to come back to mom but I feel like I still need rejuvenation. Well I have a imprint of my left elbow and the back of my neck hurting on the right side. I want that to all go away. I want to come back but my spirit needs to rejuvenate a little bit more. I had this thing that I did to my mom where I moved my head forward to her and gave her a little lick. It will be like that. Yes, I will be very young. I think that I would like to be a similar breed but I would like to move faster. I would like to be able to fit more places.

I want to tell my mom to let go of some of her anxiety. Sometimes it holds her back from moving forward. I want her to know that she is loved by a lot of people and sometimes in-order for her to get around her own head she needs to write in a journal for more than ten minutes. the first ten minutes she is just getting the junk out of her system then her truth comes in. There is a man. I want her to know that she is valued by him and he feels very secure around her (younger brother – sweet looking).

I want to tell my mom that her sister is laughable friend. It is a great time with her sister but her brother needs her because he is really sensitive.

I want to tell my mom that I am with her every day and if she just takes a moment to breathe and feel the air she will notice I am around her. she may feel me in the air like heat first and then I go straight to her heart. when she feels pain in her heart tell her I am healing it and there is love and abundance on the other side of that pain.
Tell my mom that our love will always live on. And I will be with her again (in body.).”

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1 thought on “Africa”

  1. i want to thank you Laura for being you and doing what you do , without your help i would have never been able to accept her passing , her words gave me so much comfort and ensurance that she is doing well , i am waiting for the moment she will choose to come back to me with the most great anticipation and some curiosity , she loved to play ball i cant remember the amount of tennis balls we had in the house over the years but i know she wants to fit more places for the sole purpose of being able to fit under the furniture and discover a lost ball.
    we will speak again soon .

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