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Animal Communication

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During an animal communication / pet psychic session, I very often talk about Animal Communication in the form of body language. I believe that every animal owner and professional should know about how animals communicate using their bodies and how using your own body can affect the animals around you.

Another important part of animal communication is using telepathy or intentional thought to communicate with our animals. During an animal communication/pet psychic session I will explain to you how to use your mind to communicate more clearly to your animals.


Animal Body Language

Be respectful and learn their native language.

Most humans expect domesticated animals to learn human voice commands and hand signals without acknowledging that animals have a native language of their own. This is selfish on our part. Often when people do not understand animal body language, they inadvertently discipline or scold an animal at the wrong time. This can result in aggression, fear, lack of confidence, illness and in generally creates confusion and dysfunction in the animals lives.

People can use knowledge of animal behavior to communicate more efficiently with their animals and build an animal’s confidence and trust. The bond between humans and animals will become more affectionate and understanding.

Animals communicate with each other through body language. This is their native language. Turid Rugass, a Norwegian dog trainer, studied the body language of dogs for over a decade and became famous for her insights on “calming signals” and communication between dogs.

I have found that all species of animals have “calming signals”. These signals can give animal owners and professionals great insight into how our animals are feeling at any given moment.

Animals use body language to calm themselves or other animals in stressful situations, to show dominance, to communicate to us where they have pain in their body or to show us when they are confused or confident.

In an animal communication/pet psychic session (if you are interested or if I feel it is necessary) I will explain to you and your animals:

1. What “Calming Signals” are and in which situations they are used. Some of these signals are looking away, blinking, yawning, sniffing the ground, approaching in an arc, shaking, holding up a paw, sitting, lying, and play bowing.

Signals of a lack of calming are: closing/clenching of the mouth, staring, leaning on the front paws, and body stiff. This often leads to aggression or intense fear.

2. How to mindfully watch the animals.

3. How and why praising an animal for exhibiting calming signals builds confidence, independence, and communication skills in all situations and relationships.

4. The importance of paying attention to our own body language and how we may be sending an animal mixed messages. For instance, a human may think to bend with one’s torso to greet an animal is welcoming when in actuality it is telling an animal that you are more dominant and that they must submit to you.

5. If we are still, quiet and conscious of our movements our animals will understand our “Intentional thoughts” and our hand signals more efficiently.

6. Why common misunderstandings occur. Some such misunderstandings are: when our animals look at us and then look away they are actually being respectful, not “blowing us off” or ignoring us. Another misunderstanding is that when they yawn, it is not because they are sleepy.


The Art of Intentional Thought

The super power anyone can learn that affects our animals lives in a beneficial way.

Every animal lover would like to be understood by their animal and know what their animal is thinking and feeling. Unbeknownst to most people, this ability is already happening unconsciously to some degree.

A picture in our mind, an emotion in our psyche, and a feeling in our body accompany every thought we think. Animals are highly intuitive. If they are paying attention, all of our thoughts, feelings, and images in our mind are noticed and processed within their minds and bodies.

If both parties are conscious of their everyday thought patterns and learn how to direct their thoughts to others, then telepathy becomes easier and more natural. Animals become more confident and better behaved and humans become more aware, attentive and forgiving.

During an animal communication / pet psychic session if you are interested or if I feel it is necessary for you and your pet, I will address the foundations for learning telepathy.

I believe that the human and the animal relationship are dependent upon one another. I call this “The Law of Empathy”. When an animal is stressed, so is the human and vs. Versa. I have heard that 80-90 percent of the thoughts running through our heads are negative (what I call imperfect thoughts) and that 98 percent of our thoughts that we are having today, we had yesterday. We must then address the impact of our thoughts upon our animals. We must begin to be conscious of what we are thinking and saying. I believe that when dealing with our animals, our thoughts can be grouped into two categories, ideal thoughts, and imperfect thoughts.

An ideal thought is thought that feels good in our bodies and creates an image in our minds of the best possible scenario. It has a feeling of patience and love. It builds confidence and security not only within ourselves but also amongst others around us through the Law Of Empathy.

An imperfect thought is thought that we may dwell or obsess over. It is a thought that gives us an anxious feeling, angry feeling or a feeling of helplessness in our bodies. The image in our mind is one that we would rather not see or experience.

For instance:

If we are taking our animal to the veterinarian’s

A): The ideal way to communicate would “Be calm at the veterinarian’s. You are safe. You are brave. We have the best doctor to help you.”

B): An imperfect way to communicate would be, “Don’t be scared. Nothing terrible is going to happen to you. Your doctor is not a bad person.”

Teaching Your Dog To Greet People Appropriately

A): The ideal way to communicate is, “Off. When you have all four paws on the ground, I am happy.”

B): Imperfect way to communicate is, “Don’t Jump. You are bad and I am angry. Don’t jump.”

Notice the difference in A and B. A. creates a feeling and image of what we desire and the ideal situations. B. creates confusion and insecurity. Animals do not understand “Do not” or “Don’t.” All they understand is the feeling and images you are sending them.

Our animals notice everything we think, visualize, feel and/or say around them if they are paying attention. Changing our own thoughts in our daily lives can have an enormous amount of power over the health and well-being of our own animals or any animals we come in contact with.

I can help you:

1. How to notice what you personally are thinking in your own minds, what images you are seeing and what they are feeling in their body.

2. How to have control over your thoughts, how to stop imperfect thoughts and how to create ideal thoughts.

3. How to put this knowledge to work and then communicate successfully with your own animal. This will help all our animals understand issues in our lives, what we need of them, and help the animals gain security in the issues that are in their own lives.

4. Notice that if we change one part of our relationship with our pet it can have a dramatic effect on our relationship as a whole. Each individual has a choice in what we think at any given moment. Every thought is a stepping-stone in the creation of our future. If we use The Art Of Intentional Thought, our lives with our pets will transform into healthy, confident, secure and cooperative relationships.



Video of my session with standard poodle Simone and her dad E Vincent Martinez.

This Video Shows how I teach awareness of body language during a session and how the thoughts of people around your animals can have a big effect on their confidence.



In June of 2009, E. Vincent Martinez launched fashionado.net. The fashion-inspired website has grown to include celebrity interviews, movie reviews, travel, and entertainment. Fashionado also follows Martinez through all of his adventures and fabulous fashion parties. In 2010, fashionado was named Best Fashion Blog by the Atlanta Fashion Awards and it also made the list of the Top 100 Fashion Bloggers Worldwide by Sparkah, a marketing firm in NYC.

Most recently (summer 2011) E. Vincent Martinez was named one of the best dressed Atlantans by the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Access Atlanta.

I had a pet psychic session with Vincent Martinez and his standard poodle Simone. Vincent recently blogged about this session on Fashionado.net.

He called the blog post “Lick.Yawn.Blink” and wrote:

“Lick, yawn and blink,” instructed pet psychic Laura Stinchfield to my black standard poodle, Simone. Also known as an animal communicator, we spent nearly thirty minutes with Laura.

Earlier in the day, Laura Stinchfield did the Atlanta media circuit with appearances on radio and morning tv shows. She encountered a skeptic or two along the way, though probably just for rating’s sake.

So, I went into this meeting with an open mind. I was actually excited and eager to learn what my dog might be thinking or feeling!

Laura said that Simone’s intelligence is strong and it forces her to over-think everything which causes her to be overly cautious and fearful of her surroundings. [Made perfect sense to me.] That’s where the instructions/homework to “lick, yawn and blink” came to play. Those actions are “calming signals” as explained in the video. Laura asked Simone to enjoy just being a dog.

Of course, I was curious about the communication process. You’ll notice in the video that Laura gets close to Simone’s face and whispers things that only she can hear. They were completely focused on one another. At times Laura would speak out loud for both of us to hear. I was amazed by Simone’s captivated behavior. Never has this happened with a stranger.

Laura explained how she and animals communicate. She discovered at an early age that she could talk with her pets through the ability to see images that are in their head [that tell a story]. Additionally, Laura can hear their thoughts… but she added that pets will not betray an owner’s trust by revealing private moments or situations. A comforting thought!

At the end of the session, Simone gave Laura a lick on the face. I was shocked. She rarely licks. That was all the evidence I needed to know that something had happened. That a connection had been made.

Are you wondering if Simone’s behavior changed after the session with Laura? The answer is yes. Yes because I left with a better understanding of how to relate to my pet. I wouldn’t mind a follow-up session. Laura may be returning to Atlanta early in the new year so I may get that chance. And you!

Simone and I
Simone and Laura




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