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Anna’s Thoughts

This is Anna. She is thirteen years old. Her person wanted me to tell her not to get so upset when she leaves.  Anna says, “This home is better than my last home. My mom loves me so much. I worry about her when I don’t see her because what if she falls and hurts herself.” 


Anna’s person did take a bad fall and hurt herself. The incident must have been traumatic for Anna as well.   Anna added, “I am only stressed when she is. She doesn’t like being away from me.”  


When leaving our animals, we have to give them feelings of bravery and confidence to help them through the separation.  


Anna offered, “What you do for love sickness is lie on your bed, put your feet up in the air, and you breathe into your chest.  Then you find the strength to carry on and be your best self. That is what I do when I get lonely for things in my past.”


Very wise advice.  I think I’ll try it.

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