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Appa’s Thoughts

This is Appa. She died at 14.5 in Feb 2021.  She says from the afterlife,


“I want my family to know that I found this grandma right away. This grandma has biscuits with syrup on them, and I got to lick some of it off…A grandpa man is here with me too, and he doesn’t mind me sleeping on the bed.


I want to tell my family that I felt like I turned into sparking energy when I died, and I became a dog princess. Immediately I became the prettiest dog princess. I often come to them to tell them I am there. I am right underfoot in the kitchen, and I can climb my way in spirit all the way up on the bed.  I can feel my mom brushing away my hair from my eyes. Sometimes I jump on my kids’ laps.”


Appa’s person wrote after the session: Appa spoke directly to us. She spoke about us with such personal detail. It was uncanny. We are so elated. We hope and are excited about the possibility of seeing our little princess, again, in our next puppy.

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