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Fiona’s Thoughts

This is Fiona.  She was once a stray.  She is very concerned about one of her feral kitty friends.  She first said, Do you know a cat that matches my coloring that could come love and live with us? I feel like it might be time to get another cat.”


It turns out she is talking about a feral cat that comes and goes from their barn.  Fiona’s person thinks this cat, Lucia, may be pregnant.  


Fiona continues, “We should have an angel meeting.  Say, ‘angels protect Lucia and bring Lucia into the trap.’   I will spend time with Lucia in our spare room to get her accustomed to being with me in a house. Mom, the angels, and I will protect her. Enough is enough. Lucia has had too much suffering. Last she’s told, she was shaken by a dog.  It’s not safe for her to be anywhere but here.  We need her to be a part of our family.”


I know many feral cats that have become companion animals.  They never forget their life outside and the hardships they have endured.  It is beautiful that Fiona has so much compassion for her friend Lucia. 

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