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Baby Hawk

Early Mourning Try

Baby Hawk says after a few tries, “Will I ever learn how to fly?”

Baby Hawk & Zoey

Baby Hawk says to Zoey the poodle,

“Can you teach me to fly?”

Zoey the poodle answers, “I am not like you.”

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4 thoughts on “Baby Hawk”

  1. That’s so sweet! I’m wondering too about the baby hawk, is it at a sanctuary, or what is its story and where is its mama? Can you post a little more info? 🙂

    1. This baby hawk was just below the nest. He just was learning how to fly. I didnt see momma but I know she was close. I see her almost everyday. These pictures where actually taken over a month ago and we have been seeing this little one flying just fine 🙂

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