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This is Bailey. Back in 2019, I spoke with him when he was 17 years old. He said, “I want to come back after I die. I want to be a kitten again. Yeah. I keep telling her don’t worry mom, I will come back as a Kitten.”

His person writes after our session:

Bailey is 17 and suffers a long list of complicated medical issues. While I know he’s not yet ready to transition, I was curious to know if he’d accept a new kitten into our family. I’ve been “drawn” to search for one the past several months and those that look just like him are the ones who continuously catch my eye. That hasn’t made much sense to me as it’s not likely I’d ever get one that resembled him because I know he can’t be replaced. I was shocked when Laura was able to explain the message Bailey was sending me (that he would come reincarnate into a kitten that looked the same). It has left me with great peace.

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