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This is Kore. He says from Heaven, “I know my mom tried to save me. I can still feel her hands stroking me and her stroking my ears and her kissing my face. I feel that a lot. I can feel it strongly here. I want her to know that she walked me down the beach to Heaven – to the wind tunnel love place. She walked me here.”

Laura’s notes:  Often the animals talk about feeling their people petting them in Heaven.  It is to let their people know that they knew they were there at time of passing and often the people are stroking objects and the animals are feeling it in Heaven as if it is them.  They are touching their animals across dimensions.  I love how Kore had the experience of his person walking him to Heaven.  It is so beautiful to me. 

His person writes after our session: Laura was such a breath of fresh air I’ve never done anything like this before she walk me through the process I felt very confident very sure other words and the wisdom that she shared with me I feel a lot of closure and I feel like I can move forward with my search for what may be Kore coming back to me someday I would highly recommend anybody that feeling like you have any unanswered questions about there animals passing the contact Laura I wasn’t sure if the half-hour session would be enough but it was certainly I’m not to answer all my questions to put my mind at ease and put my heart where it needs to be thank you so much. Aloha

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