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This is Bella. She said from Heaven, “I had to come to heaven cause I have to help a lot of animals that are not finding their way to heaven. Right now I am in school. I am in school to learn how to help animal spirits that are trapped in lower realms to awake and release themselves and to follow me. I am learning how to travel down the dimensions like swimming. It is really neat.”

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2 thoughts on “Bella”

  1. Just wanted to say, luv you girl and all your sweet babies. I have taken a few animal communication classes and am still sitting on square one. Guess some have it some don’t. Anyway keep doing what you do and sharing what you do! Lots of love headed your way!
    Thanks for listening, Pam

  2. The Pet Psychic ®

    Thanks, Pam! I have an online Animal Communication Course coming out soon! Maybe that will be the one that gets you on track! Many blessings to you!

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