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This is Meadow. She is a two year old Sheltie. I always know dogs are really smart when they ask me about their training. Meadow says, “I do love agility, But I am getting a little confused when I come out of the tunnel. If it’s under the dog walk, which way do I go and how do I know?… also sometimes when I come down a contact obstacle (this is an obstacle that has yellow at the bottom. The dogs need to touch the yellow area and not launch over it), I feel failed and stalled. What do I do then?” Meadow is watching her handler and she knows she needs to go fast. I am not sure why she feels stalled or having problems coming out of the tunnel. It could be because her handler is slowing down so she can touch the yellow or her handler is not quick enough about giving Meadow her next obstacle cue. Every handler can have this issue. Meadow is going to be an awesome agility dog!

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