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A Cat Gives The Best Advice


First Published in the Santa Barbara News-Press





I had a phone session a woman named Karen. She has 7-year-old female calico cat with big golden eyes named Audrey.  Karen wanted to know if there was anything Audrey wanted to say or anything she wants or needs.

Audrey starts the conversation with, “My mom has gone through a lot in the last few years. Her heart is opening up like a spring flower. You know music when it sounds like doom thunder time and then it gets relaxed? Mom, is in the relaxed stage.”  Karen shared that she recently went through a bad breakup. During this time, there had been a lot of thunderstorms and flooding in her state which is where “doom thunder” came from.

Audrey went on to talk about wanting her water dish scrubbed more often, a different type of litter and to go outside at night so she could see “the amazing stars in the sky”.   “I am really enjoying the new bathroom smell. It would be nice if that was in the living room.” She says. Turns out her mom recently put a new fragrant soap in the bathroom.

Audrey continued, “There is this one peachy colored facial cream that looks extraordinary on my mom.”  Karen has been diligent about taking care of her skin lately. Audrey was clearly using the session to give her mom an emotional pep talk.

When I asked Audrey if she missed her old dad she replied, “Oh, my goodness. I will tell you a thing about him. He is sort of like a tv. The conversation goes one way. Not two ways.  You talk to him and sometimes you get nothing back. Even I respond better. I would go to him and be like ‘Are you in there?’. He is not an emotionally stable guy. I feel bad for him because he has some type of hiccup in his head. I don’t need to see him again. He is not mom worthy.”

Karen shared that her ex-boyfriend was not very communicative or empathic to her feelings.  Time and time again, animals will tell their people through me that their significant other or their ex does not treat not them right or is not the right person for them. In these situations, it’s always a little awkward to be the animals’ translator, but it is also an honor.

When the truth is spoken so practically, a still moment follows where the client gets very quiet. I wait it out, because deep change is occurring. The people are processing their animal’s level of consciousness and the reality of what was just said. They realize that all the trauma they went through, where they thought that they we were all alone, there was actually a silent observer that witnessed, understood and cared for them the whole time. That their animal was not just there to snuggle with them but also understood the complexity of the situation and had compassion for their plight.  It’s a “whoa aha” moment that excites me, because I know that animal will be looked at differently from that moment forward.  This doesn’t just happen with breakups, it can happen with illness, work issues and conflict in any relationships. The animals are super aware.

When I am listening to the animals, sometimes I chuckle too loudly to myself and then have to pull it together while I translate what was said. Like when Audrey goes on to give her mom dating advice, “Mom, just be yourself and know that you have awesomeness inside of you.  If you have to ask yourself, “Does this guy know I am awesome?” get rid of him before he breaks your heart.  Also wear cool shoes, so when you kick him out of the house, you can think about your cool shoes rather than the disappointing guy.”

Leave it to a cat to give the best advice.

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Mix Signals Before Your Animals Passing

The Other Side of Air

First Published in The Santa Barbara News-Press




Jinx was a 16-year-old Jack Russell terrier. He died in April of 2017. In March, at the end of his life, his person asked me to speak with him. She wrote, “Jinx is very old. I don’t have your gift, but I am sensitive to my critters. Jinx is giving me mixed signals. I want to know how he is feeling in his advanced age.”

During our session, Jinx said, “I am feeling a little more distant lately. There seems to be more sunshine on the other side of air. It’s a soft feeling. Dogs are running there: some small Jack Russells like me and a big one too. The big one rolls in the tall grass. He is smiling. I also see a man that says he will take me walking. He is throwing a stick.

“Sometimes I feel happy inside of myself,” Jinx continued. “My mom is sweet and tender to me. She has been feeding me really well. I have times where I am happy in my legs. But when I am feeling sick, I feel confused on what time of day it is. I love my life, but I am spending more time in the sunshine on the other side of air. It is getting close to that time where I will cross the bridge to the other dogs. That rainbow bridge is really fun-looking. I would love to see grass. I am not scared because there is love in that world. I know you can feel your mom hugging you there because sometimes when I am in that world, I have mom hugs and dad smiles. It’s like a peaceful place. When I am awake, I get anxious and my legs start to get anxious too. I think I need to eat a lot of chicken pieces and lick some ice cream. That would be great. Maybe I could eat a hamburger.”

The reason why Jinx’s person was sensing mixed signals is because the veil between dimensions was starting to blend. When Jinx would awake from his dreams or from visiting the afterlife, he would seem briefly renewed, and then, as he stayed awake, he became more aware of his pain and decline of health.

Jinx died peacefully a few weeks after our first conversation. A week after his passing, I connected with him again.

He said, “Tell my mom that Heaven is really beautiful. I can run fast again, leaping over the couch in our living room and spin around. My mom’s dad is here. He met me over the bridge, took me in his arms, wrapped me in a blanket, stroked me like my mom does and said, ‘You are home, Jinx. You are not sick anymore.’ Just then, full of energy, I got up, ran outside and all around the grass. My breathing is really easy now. My mom’s mom is here too. She kisses me, makes sure I eat well, and brings me water. We have been on beach walks! I want to tell my mom that I am relieved that I am not in that body anymore. It was dying on me. Now I am all my spirit and all the love my family
has for me. I am still with her. I visit all the time. I sit on the couch with her and snuggle up beside her. I prance into the kitchen with her and sometimes I sit on the passenger seat of the car. I love it here. I had the best life with my mom. I still feel her here. I don’t feel I am missing her, because we are all one.”

We often struggle when our loved ones pass over, but they have transitioned to a world filled with love. Our loved ones will visit us in spirit, placing a memory in our minds while wrapping their spirit around us. Oftentimes that memory comes with intense emotion — love, laughter, joy or sorrow. The mind may have a hard time understanding it and fall into a sense of longing. Take a moment to be present when you are overcome. Speak out to your loved ones and then notice how you feel. You just may feel a comforting love surround you — a visit from what Jinx calls “the other side of air.”

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This is Caesar. He died 1/8/19 at the age of 13.

On April 6th 2019 I spoke with Caesar from Heaven.

After our session, on a form where I ask if there are any quotes from our session that his person wants to share with my readers his mom wrote:

“There was so many. He can do my skip dance, which was funny because I would always sing and dance with him.

His pain was over instantly, I needed that confirmation because I thought we made a wrong decision.

He had feeling of love, fun, and play and was ready.

He doesn’t need his toenails cut, he hated that!

He is never leaving me,He is my guardian💜 and he had a super cool life and his loving on us all the time and loves us and is with us all the time.

I have peace knowing that he is okay and with the 2 most important people in my life, my Mom and Dad. I am so glad I connected with him, I was so worried that we made a rush decision and now I know we didn’t. And to know that he is with me, guarding me, and loving me from above is just so comforting. I miss him every day, but we will all be together eventually💗”


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Luca Learning To Wag His Tail

Ever since, Luca came to me at 6 months old (he is now 8 years old) he has been disconnected from his tail. He rarely uses it to communicate with other dogs or wag it when he is happy. He has had tons of chiropractic adjustments and TTouch work. I have been working on him becoming more conscious and aware of his ability to move his tail. I have tried to catch it on camera before but it’s not so easy.

Luca is a reincarnation of my late wolf dog Maia. They have some similarities but they are very different. Maia was a wild instinctual wolf and Luca a very domesticated poodle, so you can imagine the differences.

The interesting thing is that Maia had been abused before she came to me and had severe pain in her tail. It took me two years to be able to touch it with out her swinging around to bite me. It is my belief that when Maia came back she brought back an energy imprint of her old life and this manifested as the disconnect with her/his tail. Luca is doing awesome in this life and has overcome a lot. (Not wanting to kill other dogs is one!).

In this life, by the time he is ready to pass, he will have mastered the tail wag! As you can see he is well on his way…

Click  arrow to watch:




Here is a picture of Maia.

You maybe able to see she had an injury at the tip of her tail in this picture.  She was wild thing! Because of her lack of tail control and awareness, she would smack it hard on walls when she was playing.  The veterinarians wanted to take off her tail (seriously!) because it was not healing and bleeding all over the place, but eventually it did heal.


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Kunju Reincarnates











The first picture is Kunju.  She died at 6.5 years old on July 13, 2018. The second picture is also Kunju who is now a few months old.

On Sept 1, 2018 we spoke to Kunju in Heaven.

Some of the things she said are, “I want to tell them that I fell into Heaven sort of like the feeling of falling in love. It was hard for me to let go, but when I did it felt like chasing a ball or that feeling of rolling on the grass….I want to tell them that I do want to reincarnate back to them but not for a long time. I am enjoying being here. I’m in a feeling of great love.”

On March 29, 2019 Her family had another session with me. They wanted to know if their new puppy is a reincarnation of Kunju.

I have studied reincarnation for many years now. Often our very special animals come back to us life after life. Each time they do, the process is effortless. There are often many coincidences, feelings of grace and astonishment, wait what questions, and physical signs around the finding of the animal. It is always miraculous.

There are many different types of reincarnations with different degrees of holdings of memories of the past life.

This new puppy is also named Kunju. When I reached out to Kunju in Heaven her and the new puppy felt one and the same.   I asked her if she is back in body. She replied,

“Of course. I made it happen. I belong with them and I didn’t get enough time with them so now I have more time.”

She had many memories of her past life. She remembers sleeping on the bed with her people (something she is not allowed to do yet because she is so young) and she remembers that she had more freedom than the other dogs in the family.   She remembers being allowed to go out in the front yard with now leash.  They were other memories as well.

Her people shared with me two signs that they had before her return.  The mother of the family dreamt that they found Kunju again near a wooded area.  When they drove to the breeders home (a town they had never been before), they passed this same wooded area that was seen in the dream.

When they picked up the puppy she was wrapped in a maroon colored blanket.  Kunju in her life before had also been wrapped in a maroon colored blanket from a different breeder.

These are little signs from the universe that she is back again.  Often finding our animals reincarnated is a miraculous treasure hunt.

After the session Kunju’s people wrote:

💛 Laura is phenomenal! She has a beautiful heart and soul. 

After the loss of our sweet girl Kunju to hemangiosarcoma at only 6.5 years old, Laura gave us peace of mind speaking with her and letting us know she is no longer in pain and happily running around in Heaven. Laura let us know that Kunju wanted to reincarnate and come back to us so we watched for the signs that would allow us to find her again. We are so lucky and fortunate to say that we have found our Kunju reincarnated, and Laura was able to confirm that for us! 

Thank you so much! We are forever grateful to you.



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Felix and Laura Talk About Felix’s Dental Surgery

Felix and Laura talk about Felix’s Dental Surgery





Tell Your Animals What To Expect
Don’t Freak Out – Be Chill
Dental – X-rays
Dreams – Space Traveler
Create A New Reality
Concentrate On Healing
Send Love Into The World

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Laura Out And About

California Super Bloom! With my stepdaughter Katherine Crook and dogs Luca, Hudson, Felix, Easter, Bigsby, and Poppy!

California Super Bloom! With my stepdaughter Katherine Crook and dogs Luca, Hudson, Felix, Easter, Bigsby, and Poppy!

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This Sydney. We spoke on 3/22/19 . He went to Heaven later that day. He died at 18 years old.


He said before he died, “I don’t really need this body anymore. Mommy its ok to let me go. Think of it as an adventure. It is sad, but it’s also love. I have been loved. I have been really loved and I have loved my mom. So, it is ok.”


His mom (person) writes after the session: I needed to understand the right thing to do for my little man. Laura helped him tell me what was wrong and what he wanted. I had no doubt after the conversation what I needed to do. He was much braver than me. He had a great meal with the things he mentioned in talk and he left on his new adventure. I am grateful for Laura’s loving and gentle way of talking to him. When she was talking to him I saw him reacting so I knew what she said was true.

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Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary

We had a great time filming today for the second season of Animal Zone! Here we are at Jamie’s Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary with parrots Houdini, Doodle, Rosie, Bobby and Buda. You will have to stay tuned to hear what Buda says about being captured from the wild.

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This is Lukka. She is 12 years old. Her family is expecting their first human baby. Lukka says,

“ Well I sort of feel like some people have a lot of animals and a lot of kids. Mom can handle this. I know some families that have so many animals and so many kids and I am like this is easy. It’s easy and grandma will be here to help, and everyone is stressing out over something that is going to make sense. [After telling Lukka that she is wise] Well, I’ve known you a long time and I feel like if you stress out it usually because you need a nap not because you can’t handle something. Also, can you tell my mom and dad that we could name the baby Lukka if you wanted. I don’t mind sharing my name.”

Her person writes after picking Lukka’s quote from our session: Lukka gave me a pep talk because she knows I have been stressed out about the approaching arrival of a baby! We also asked her opinion about baby names.

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Luca on how to change your life

Luca’s Words  Of Wisdom

Vlog 03-15-19

Luca and I talk about

the power of manifestation

and how to change your life.





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Hudson Chasing Deer – Words of Wisdom

Vlog 3/14/19

The Pet Psychic ® – Hudson Chasing Deer – Words of Wisdom

Hudson took off chasing deer.  This is our conversation upon his return.  The good thing is he remembered why I do not want him to chase the deer.

He is still an adolescent. As he ages, these reasons will make more sense to him.  Then he will be more likely to stick around.




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Laura Out And About

It’s Hudson’s 4th Birthday today! Hudson says, “This is my special day and you can enjoy it with me.”

It’s Hudson’s 4th Birthday today! Hudson says, “This is my special day and you can enjoy it with me.”

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Seamora and the camera

Seamora loves to look at herself.  This time she was checking herself out in my iPhone when she asked a question. Play the video to see what she asks…


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Filson and his Eagle

Filson and his people had a memorable moment the other day. His person wanted to know how he is feeling and if he is getting ready to transition to Heaven.

But Filson had another agenda! He started our session by sharing that memorable moment with me. They even caught it on camera!

It’s so important to play with your animals! It doesn’t matter what age they are. Make sure you take the time to have fun!

On Tuesday, I spoke to Filson a 14-year-old yellow chow from Free Soil, Michigan.  The first thing he said was, “You know I have had an awesome life.

I saw an eagle fly over my head!

The smell of the wilderness is part of my soul. I got that from my mom. She embodies nature.  I am very lucky in love.” 

Later in the session he says,

“This world is beautiful and awesome. Something created it. So, when I die, I am going to the place that created this world, so I am not worried.” 

The next day his person sent me a video, taken the day before our session, of an eagle flying of Filson’s head and the family dancing around Filson singing “bird”.  It was a joyous memory for everyone.







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Hudson and Clyde Besties


Friends are:


Hudson says, “Friends are others you can play and explore with.”


Clyde says, “Friends are others you feel comfortable with all the time. They are play buddies. Also they never bite you when you get too close.”

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Hudson is Awesome

“Some-days, I am amazed at the awesomeness of myself.” – Hudson

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Hudson and the in-between time

Awesome hike with Louis, Trooper and pups.

Easter was scared of the approaching rain so she jumped in the pack earlier than usual.

Hudson says, “I smelled so many wild animals out there. They love the rain. I feel magic there.”

On another note, this morning I was deep in meditation, having a mystical moment, when Hudson jumped on the bed howling (which he never does) saying,

“No, mom. That is where you go when you die. Don’t go there!”

I said “aww Hudson. I’m not dying come with me.”

He said, “Not now mom. That’s where I was when I died, before I came back to you. It’s too intense for your soul in this world.”

I told him when he was Stormy he talked about that place all the time.

He said, “Really?! It’s going to take me some time to remember. Now, get up!”

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Testimonial * Maki and Mr. Bacon

These are two clients animals Maki and Mr. Bacon.  Their people contacted me so that we could talk to their dogs after the passing of their cat Mae Mae.



This is Maki. He is 16 year’s old.

Here are some of Maki’s quotes from our session:

“Sometimes I feel Mae Mae around me in a strange way. Like out of the corner of my eye I will see her walking or sometimes I feel her like a warm breeze on me. Oh, you think so? Do you think that when I die, I will have sunshine inside of my soul? You think I have sunshine?”

“Well I love to be around my people, and I love it when they talk with me.  I also love it when they hold hands in front of me.”

Maybe what we can talk about is … ok this is very important because I thought about this before and I want this to be known. When I die, I do not want to go to the veterinarian. I don’t want to go. I think that I should just go naturally, or someone should come here and shoot me with a dart… Then I want to go naturally. Well if I have to go, I want to have a fresh blanket that smells like our detergent and I want to have mom and dad there and no one else. No one. Ok?


This is Mr. Bacon.  He is 10 years old

Some of his quotes from our session are,

“Sometimes when I go pee, I feel like I pee a lot. Do you notice that?  I am like whoa. Urine keeps on coming. No, it doesn’t hurt but it does keeps coming.”

“Yeah. Mae Mae dying was extremely sad. I think that her death was traumatizing for all of us, but she comes in my dreams all the time. She says I am going to come back and there will be two kittens. She said two kittens in the spring. That is what she told me, and she said you can’t put me in your mouth. I told her I wouldn’t. yes. “


Their Human Wrote After The Session:

Laura is so intuitive and I love her communication style with our animals; There is a lot of humor and grace. We did a phone session and its remarkable to watch how the animals behave when she is talking to them.

We originally did one session that I gave to my husband as a Christmas gift a few years ago. It was such a good experience that we decided to reach out to Laura again to talk with our dogs about the recent passing of our cat. This was a wonderful experience to help us all talk about it together.

The transcripts are awesome; There is something so happy about the conversation, so its nice to be able to go back and read again. I have recommended Laura to all of my friends with pets.

Laura, you have such an amazing gift! Thank you for your thoughtful interactions.

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