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This is Bruno. He is 8.5 years old. He and his family moved to upstate NY. He says about the move, “This place is healthy for all of us. It has love that comes out from the ground. This place is healing. It has so much potential. Because it’s so quiet, I find myself sleeping …

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This is Slayer. He died at 13 years old. From Heaven, he says to his people, “I want to tell them that I learned unconditional love. I heard my dad talking with me. He was saying how much he loves me, and that is all that really matters. I never doubted that ever and with …

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This is Phoebe. She is four months old. She says to her people, “I am like listen to me mom and dad. I can already walk perfectly on a leash.” Isn’t she going to be a fun one to watch grow up?!


Sometimes when our animals are dealing with persistent health challenges, it is hard to imagine them overcoming them.  I believe Rex’s vet calls dogs over eight years of age “seniors.”  Rex is nine.   I think that is crazy!  Luca is almost eleven and still running agility.  He is not a “senior”! You can call him …

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This is Lucy. She is twelve years old. This is what she says about staying with Grandma and Grandpa when her human mom is away, “I like grandma and grandpa a lot. I only do badly on the first day. Then grandma and grandpa become very concerned about me. Grandma tries to hand-feed me, grandpa …

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