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This is Bubbles. She is 2.5 years old. She says, “I want a visor hat. Can I have one of those? I like the look of it and sometimes it’s bright out. I need one.” Turns out her mom (person) wears one every day. She wants to look like her mom!


This is Azúcar. She is six years old. Her person recently bought her. Azúcar says, “I am excited that my mom (person) is my mom because I can feel her heart becoming brighter and brighter when she is with me. I feel that we are meant to be together. When she works with me, I …

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This is Brody. He is 2.5 years old. He says, “In my heart, I am learning a lot about listening. I am wondering if there is going to be a tea party with cake happening soon?” Next month is his and his sister’s birthday! They always have a party with coconut milk and cake! It’s …

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This is Beasy. She is 2.5 years old. She can be a little nervous off her property. Her people wanted Beasy to know that they were going to a dachshund meetup where there will be around 60 other dogs. Beasy says, “When we go there, will I have a ribbon on my neck so my …

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The Pet Psychic: Animal Zone S6 E8 Laura Stinchfield The Pet Psychic ® talks with Monty the French Bulldog

It is a family affair as the host of Animal Zone, Arthur von Wiesenberger, talks with Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic ®, and Monty, a French Bulldog who belongs to Arthur’s son, Chris. Laura taps into Monty’s thoughts about kittens in the house and carrots in his bowl. Laura explains to Monty how the vacuum cleaner isn’t dangerous.