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BobKitty says, “I will tell you something about my moms bad news. Its not bad news, it just words. Words don’t have to mean anything. You can choose to not hear them. “ (His Mom/person had just found out that she couldn’t have a baby)

Bobkitty was picking fights with Boots another cat in the house, so I asked why.

“Boots didn’t want me to be here and I have never forgiven her for that. If Boots becomes my friend where do i put all the toughness I have? Maybe I could play? I don’t like to hunt as much as I used to. But, if there are people who can hear animals then I must be able to change and be nicer to Boots. I will try. “

From Boots & BobKitty’s person! No fights since we talked in November! Thank you Laura!

Great job Boots, BobKitty and Milissa!

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