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This is Bruno. He is 8.5 years old. He and his family moved to upstate NY. He says about the move, “This place is healthy for all of us. It has love that comes out from the ground. This place is healing. It has so much potential. Because it’s so quiet, I find myself sleeping deeper and having better dreams. I don’t dream of protecting. Sometimes I dream of seeing water. The air is really clean here, and the trees are so big and have so much life. I feel I am in a magic land.”

I feel my animal family can relate a lot to how Bruno feels. These German Shepherds have protection in their nature. I have found that moving Hudson from a neighborhood to the country has calmed him as well. He doesn’t always feel like he is on duty. Instead of watching people and dogs walking by, he smells the air and sees the trees blowing in the wind. I am so glad Bruno feels he is living on a magic land. Lucky boy!

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