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Dear Laura,
I have a severe problem with my cat Ziggy. In the last two weeks she has crapped on my bed twice, crapped on the kitchen floor, and peed on the kitchen counter. She has access to outside 24/7 by way of the dog door. Here’s the deal—-I’m not interested in working with this cat. She has given me asthma. When I pet her, she loves it but when I pull my hand away she’ll bite me. So I can’t really give her to some little old lady. The bottom line is she has given me asthma. Do you want her? She hates other cats so I can’t give her to the shelter. What should I do?
Sincerely, Stan

Dear Stan,
By reading about Ziggy’s behavior it is clear to me that she is angry with you for some reason. There are times when animals pee in the house when they have urinary or kidney infections. Normally they may pee where they sleep (on the bed) or on cold surfaces like the tile in the kitchen, bathroom or bathtub. Ziggy is pooping, a loud sign something is bothering her emotionally. The fact that she bites you when you take your hand away is a sign that either she feels she is not getting enough physical attention or she is explaining something to you and you quit listening. If you wanted to figure why she is doing this I would ask yourself, what changed in your behavior two weeks ago. This may or may not have anything to do with your relationship with Ziggy. Sometimes our animals’ behavior changes so that we are forced to take a hard look at our lives. Are you being self destructive in anyway?
It also sounds to me that you resent Ziggy for exasperating your asthma. You have also stated clearly that you do not want her anymore. Once this decision is made it is important to find Ziggy a good home. Whether you like it or not this cat came into your life for a reason. I believe that anytime an individual pushes our bottoms it is a great time for personal growth. Though this does not mean that you have to spend the rest of this individualized life together. I urge you to remember that just because you do not love this cat, it does not mean that someone else won’t. It is also important to understand that just because Ziggy poops and pees around your house, it does not mean that she will poop and pee around another’s home.
I believe that you, at this time, are Ziggy’s caretaker and you have the responsibility of finding her a new safe and loving home. The problem with this society is too many people want to drop their unwanted animals into other hands. People drop these animals off at over crowed shelters, dump them at ranches, or give them away to anyone who will take them. I personally have had animals go through me. I had a Macaw and a bunny that could be loved more at someone else’s home. It is ok to pass them along to another. So what do I suggest to you? Acknowledge that right now Ziggy is safe and that someone else may be better suited for her. Then put up flyers at pet stores, shelters, groomers, post her on the internet (Craig’s list or petfinders) and screen people heavily. Find her someone who will love her and who will want to understand her. Then tell her with your heart that her dander makes you sick and it is hard to be around her and that you are sorry you cannot love her the way she deserves to be loved and that you are going to try to find her someone who can love her. Tell her now she is safe and that you ask her to be patient and to go to the bathroom in the litter box or outside. It is important to believe that there is someone who will love her. If you believe it, they will be easier to find.
If anyone is interested in meeting Ziggy please email me.

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