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Chachki’s Thoughts

This is Chachki. He is one year old and has been traveling with his mom (person) since he was a kitten. His mom recently went back to working out of the house. She wanted to know how Chachki was doing with her being away.


He says, “I love my mom so much. Her being out of the house has made me more independent. Now I have more solo adventures. I travel farther. I travel to this one yard with these flowers popping up out of the ground. It has this wrought iron fence. It’s a neat place to explore. (Thankfully, it’s on the same block!).


At first, I just stayed at home staring at the door. I thought it was so strange. I could hear my mom talking to me from far away, and then I felt her really busy. Then I was like, if she is going to be busy, I will be busy.”

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