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Curley the Chicken


My friend Curley the chicken just passed away. She says, “I floated to heaven in a bubble. The kind of bubbles you see when you look into the sun.”

I have known Curley for many years.  Her person rescues chickens.  For about 8 months, a couple of years ago,  Curley had a problem where her neck hung down and Curley’s head was upside down.  She saw the world that way and would tire easily.  Then she made miraculous recovery.  When she had her issue she asked me, “When I get to heaven will my head be up straight or will I have to see heaven upside down?”

After she told me about flying to heaven in a bubble she said, “Here my neck is straight and my chicken friends here say that we can eat all we want and we can go under misters to clean off our wings.  Tell my mom thank you for giving me such a wonderful life on earth.”

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