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Daisy – A Queen Of The Hill

Bob the cat & Daisy

Daisy’s recently got stitches.  Her mom (person) asked me to talk to her to find out why she has been coming home with large gashes on her body.  This was Daisy’s reply,

“It was wire that hurt me. The reason I go through that barbed wire fence is that there are a lot of squirrels over there. They are they kind that dig deep in the earth and then make the earth move a bit.  Those are really fun squirrels to chase ‘cause they make funny noises when they move.  You know that mean man neighbor?  He told me to go away and sprayed the hose on me. I thought to him, “water cant hurt me”, but I don’t think he knows that.

I haven’t gotten in a fight with any animals recently.  I would like to say that I fought and killed a raccoon, but I haven’t.  They go to the house below us and there are a lot of them.  I tried to chase them once and they all turned to me and did this hissing spitting thing.  It actually scared me.  I wont ever fight a raccoon.  So when they come here and if my people want me to scare them away I don’t know if I will be very good at it.  Those animals may have diseases and I don’t want to fight them.

You know my food bowl?  Can I have food and water on the patio off the kitchen?  I like the idea of it there and then if I am hungry at the same time as the other dogs I don’t have to watch them eat.  Watching them eat makes me angry.  Lately, I actually feel really happy inside of myself.  I feel like I could play more and if the other dogs want to play with me I wouldn’t even mind.  You know when I used to get angry?  Sometimes I would hear growling inside my head and I would wonder if that was I making those noises.  Isn’t that weird?  I like it when my head is silent or if there is really pretty music in there, either classical music, the sound of the birds, or the sound of the plants in the breeze.  Those are nice noises in my head.

I think it is camping time?  Is it camping time?

You can tell my people that we should cook food outside at home and they should give me some and also the cushions outside need a cleaning cause they are starting to smell bad. I actually thought of rubbing in the plants and then rubbing on the cushion to make them smell better.  You can also tell my people I love them.”

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