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Diary 10/03/10 *Maia is helping the wolves.

This morning I was meditating when I felt Maia swiftly arrive.  She is full of energy.  “Mom, follow me.” she says.  She brings me to the wilderness somewhere north.  I look at the trees and know that it must be Montana, Idaho, Alaska. I am not sure of the exact location.  I see a wolf mother and her cubs in a moist burrowed den.  The small cubs’ stomachs are burning with hunger and pain.

“What is this?”  I ask Maia.

“Mom, look at this” She says and shows me a bin full of dog food and poison next to a barbed wire fence.  “The ranchers are feeding the wolves poison.  Mom, when the cubs nurse the milk is hurting their bellies.  I feel they are dying.  What can I do?”

Her sadness is deep into a consciousness I have never been before.  I question to myself, “Why is she asking me? Shouldn’t there be someone, or something, or some entity helping Maia with this?”  “Maia, tell the wolves not to eat out the bins.” I offer her.

I don’t recall hearing a reply but I remember feeling her energy withdraw as quickly as it arrived.

Last week, she told me the wolves are being affected by the helicopters that are shooting at them.  She explained that as ravens fly over the wolves, the wolves cringe with instinctual fear.  The stoic species has never before flinched in the presence of a shadow of the winged creatures.  Nature is no longer the same.  Humans have made their destructive footprint once again.

Here on earth I strive to raise consciousness and understanding while Maia in the dimensions above is fighting for a species she was once apart of here on earth.

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5 thoughts on “Diary 10/03/10 *Maia is helping the wolves.”

  1. Sheri Lynn (Seb, BabyDoll, Mangas' mom)

    thank you for sharing Laura, this is powerful. Not surprising to me that Maia would be working!
    Seb recently came to me physically shifted as an old sea lion and took me under the sea to show me some things. I came out not remembering what he showed me – just his sea lion image and the feel of him. His dog self is fading to me as his marine life self gets stronger…I would not have understood these images if you had not helped me understand about his work!

  2. If the universe is going to send you these images I hope it also supplies the strength and serenity to keep you OK with them.

  3. Wow. What a wonderful gift you & Maia share! Thanks for sharing it with us. Working with the other dimensions is certainly challenging for us in the 3D world… Whether the scenes she shows you are symbolic or literal. Maia has a great job overlooking her fellow wolves welfare. And she’s helping you expand your skills! Our love to all of your ‘family’.

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