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DIARY 10/21/09

“You have the swine flu”  My brother said to me last week, “every flu that is going around now is the swine flu.”  and I wondered at the time if I was going through some type of death I felt so bad.  I wondered if there was a part of psyche that was dying off so that I could be reborn.  I swore to myself that I would never take advantage of my health again.  I bargained with God that if I felt better I would work harder.   I think Spirit was ignoring me or punishing me or forcing me to rest.  After a week, Today I have so much energy I actually considering taking a jog. I am feeling in an extremely positive mood.  I feel Reborn.   My communication with the animals are even more clear.

Yesterday, I found out that my good friend Kiwi an older cattle dog died in March.  Somehow I missed her person’s email.  I was so sad for her.  I spoke to her in spirit and she told me she is happy and close to her people.  She told me to tell her person, “not to worry when she travels to the agility finials.  It will be ok if she gets a flat tire.” Her person laughed and told me the day before she was freaking out because her cell phone was acting up and what if she got a flat tire on the way to finials.  I felt so blessed at that moment that I can hear Kiwi in spirit and that I can be the medium to her and her people.

Today I saw a shepherd mix named Cody.  He said, “Tell my mom to stop being depressed.  She needs to meditate, play with me, and cook a lemon cake.” His person said that many years ago when her husband was alive she made a lot of lemon cakes from the lemons in the backyard.  Once again I felt so blessed to hear Cody clearly and I found myself amazed that he remembered the lemon cake!  I gave him the biggest kiss on his muzzle!

Then I was working at Aloha Dog Grooming.  I was talking to someone and later Tina and her mom, the owners of Aloha, told me the fish in the fish tank we all swimming over to me and staring at me through the glass.  I did not notice, but I imagine that they were thanking me for convincing Tina to find the killer fish I new home.  The little goldfish were bought for his food and they had to witness their friends getting eaten.  Todd, the killer fish, went to a tank at a Chinese Restaurant.  Yeah!


I was just hula hooping with my dogs in the backyard and when I came into the living room I glanced at the National Geographic Magazine.  The cover reads “Egypt’s Animal Mummies Pets of the Pharaohs”  It almost brought me to tears.  A cover of a magazine.  How long have we had pets and how long is it taking us to fully understand their consciousness?  Or did the Pharaoh’s know how intelligent they are and we have just forgotten?

How long will it take me to convince the world that animals have complex thoughts?  Anyone have any ideas?

todd now lives at a chinese restaurant
Todd now lives at a chinese restaurant. THANK YOU, TINA!
they remember me and wanted to thank me!
They remember me and wanted to thank me!
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