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Simon was rescued by Tina the owner of Aloha Dog Grooming.  Now Simon lives at the shop.

Simon says, “Living at a dog grooming shop I have realized that dogs have a lot more issues than cats.  They have to worry about many more things.  They worry about whether their people love them or are going to take them on a walk or feed them so they dont have a stomach ache.  I just feel really lucky to have Tina and my new home.  I think cats are more grateful for life than dogs.”

Simon hides out in the office when I do my pet psychic consultations.  He sees a lot of dogs with issues that come in.  I wonder what he thinks about being in the office with me.  Simon says, “Being in the office with you I realize how many people want to believe that animals have feelings and emotions.  They all seem so happy that what they suspected is real.  They feel like their pet is important to them and I feel blessed that I get to see so many people and animals that love eachother.  It is amazes me how people really didnt know how smart we all.”

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