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DIARY 8/23/09

Sunday….My Official Day Off

A perfect Sunday.  A nice cup of coffee, snuggle with the cats & bunny, a peaceful walk with the dogs in the orange grove and then a play date with kids August 9 years old and Andre 6 years old ?, surf with a great friend, hula, read and a nice dinner.  Stormy my Aussie has fallen in love with his kids and I must say I love the time spent with them too.. We have not seen them for months.  August, Andre, Storm, Maia and I went next door to the 10 acre park and hung out under a giant oak.  The boys threw a tennis ball for Storm and we all tossed the Frisbee to each-other.  On the way home from the park we had a “how to listen to your thoughts and talk to animals lesson”. In which Andre told Stormy what a great runner he is and Stormy answered that he felt the same about Andre.

Stormy was ecstatic and continued to talk about them well into the evening.  He says they are, “my best friends ever.  And life is so much more enjoyable when I get to see them during the day.” For anyone who knows Stormy that is huge because he already is the happiest dog in the universe.  He is watching me now and says, “Every dog should have kids.  Even what they watch on TV is fun.  I wouldn’t mind being left home alone with one of them.  Can we have them move in?”

He said to me earlier, “Mom, I cant stop thinking about August and Andre and playing with them for so long. Even Maia was good with them.  She was really nice.” Stormy has a good point.  Maia is my wolf hybrid.  All her life I have had to watch her around children.  It is not that she would purposely hurt them it is just that if they scream or move fast her pray instinct kicks in.  Wolf hybrids are incredibly fast.  Which means in an instant she could go from daydreaming to having an arm or clothing in her mouth.   Over the years, Maia has become more conscious of her instincts.  But that does not mean I fully trust her.  Nor should anyone with a wolf-hybrid.   Today, she was such a good girl.  She even napped while they were in the house.  Something she would never have done in her younger years.

Maia says, “It feels good to have friends that are not scared of me.  A few times I stopped myself from grabbing their clothing.  I thought to myself ‘why am I going to do that ?’ and then I stopped.” Wow!  I am so proud of her!

andre storm maia gus


Read in national geo that a beaver was found in NY City.  They think it came down the Bronx River from Westchester (where I grew up).  That means the river is cleaner than it has been in years.  Great sign.


What have I done today to help animals around the world?  Have I used my gifts wisely?  Where have I chosen to focus my energy?   Am I productive?  I always feel I could do more………


Today I give a big huge thanks to my friends Greg & Kim who were able to support me in bringing my focus back to myself and to Greg for being one of the best surfing buddies ever!  When the world and it’s suffering gets to be too much and I find myself overwhelmed with either the pain that others are going through or the harshness of how some choose to live their lives, it is my good friends like Greg and Kim that remind me that I must send love and compassion to those that suffer and then chose to see and enjoy the beauty that is around me everyday.  And of course…get my butt in the ocean, surf,  drop in on some big waves, wipe out, get tumbled, paddle back out and catch a few beauties.  There is nothing more cleansing then the salt of the sea and a talk with a good friend.


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