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Newsletter #12

Yesterday my friend August (9 years old) asked me if I could have any super hero power what would it be.  He gave me two examples: controlling the weather and magnetism.  Andre his 7-year-old brother said that he would want to be a fast runner…faster than his dad.  I replied that I already have a super hero power. I can talk to animals.  August tilted his head and hummed for a second.  Then he agreed.  Each day, I am more amazed that I can hear the animals with such astounding accuracy.  There are times when I may be a bit off and have to ask clarifying questions, but as time goes on I am becoming more and more efficient.

I believe we all harbor special gifts inside of us.  Whether we believe they come from a higher power, a reservoir deep in our souls, or both doesn’t truly matter.  What matters is that we, ourselves, believe in them.  What I have found is that when we respect these gifts, value them, study them and use them for a greater good something wonderful follows.  Being “psychic” is not always as pleasant as it may appear.  Visions or thoughts may come in distorted or they may flood my nervous system.  I may have a glimpse of the future and then try to manifest other glimpses at will only to be left even more confused.  What has become certain is that each step forward is a step into the unknown.  I realize that as time moves on I become more and more committed to stepping forward with awareness.  I have become more comfortable in the uncomfortable reality that life is unpredictable.  In the past unpredictable meant a bridge collapsing out from underneath me.  Now I’m determined for the unexpected to turn out to be more beautiful and gratifying than I predicted.  One must be fully open to a situation that is unfamiliar for something completely new to take form.  Perhaps we all can have the super hero power of magnetizing all that we desire.  Recognizing the gift within is just the beginning. Then comes the willingness, discipline and commitment to learn that gift skillfully.  To be true to your gift is a true marriage with the self or with a high power.

Here I am blogging daily on: What are my daily struggles, confusions, glory, and elations of being a pet psychic?  How do I filter out and handle all the information that comes through?  How do I deal with disappointment?  Am I respecting my mind, body, and spirit and using their union to help the greater good?  Is it possible to change the world?  Is it possible to move from where I am now to where I want to be?  You will read some of the secrets I have not wanted to reveal to others.  The secrets I have thought that have separated me from the vast majority of the population.  Are all my secrets grandiose or are some of them terrifying?  What does it mean for me to be “psychic”?  What does it mean to be a “Pet Psychic”?



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