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Diary 8/26/09

A very stimulating day.  Brilliant and emotional people.  My psychic / empathetic radars were on fire.   During lunch I had a conversation with a friend about what I would be if I was a not a pet psychic.  At the time, I couldn’t think of anything I loved to do or would do that would be realistic.   Now I can think of a few.

The greatest part of my day was my Walk-In Hours at Aloha Dog Grooming (at 1076 E. Front St. Ventura).

My first client was waiting, I was surprised to see an old friend Girly-Girl, a Bangel cat, and her person.  Girly-Girl is neat because one she is a Bengal.  They remind me domestic wild cats.  I have not known one to be allowed free outside because they hit the ground running and cross a large territory quickly even when they promise they will stay on the property.  They are famous for loving water and showering and bathing with their people.  But Girly-Girl does not like water.  Though she does go to the bathroom in the toilet.  That’s right, no litterbox!

Girly-Girl’s person told me that Girly-Girl was jumping onto a shelf when she caught her non breakaway collar on the hoof of a running horse of a very large bronze stature.  Her people had to spring up and cut her loose with scissors immediately. They got rid of the stature and got breakaway collars, but Girly-Girl refuses to wear a collar she just pulls them off with her claws.

When I explained to Girly-Girl that she now has a breakaway collar and that she needs tags on in case she gets out she says, “The stature came alive and grabbed me.” I explained to her that I was %100 positive that the statue did not come alive.  Then she asked me, “Then it is my fault?” I told her it was an accident and she said, “Are you sure the statue could not come a live?  I didn’t like that happening.”


more to come….

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