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Diary Of A Pet Psychic 06-05-12

One thing lead to the next and I signed up for a weekend course.  I don’t really know how it happened.  I was told by somebody that I needed to do and like a robot I just signed up.  I had no idea what to expect and when I asked the course instructor and others who took the course to tell me what it was about no one would answer me.  I thought, “Is this some sort of cult?” but the people who were urging me to go are such happy healthy people I couldn’t truly believe it was cult.  People in cults are unhealthy, right? 

I said to the people, “Isn’t it odd that no one will tell me what it is about?” 

They answered with, “You should have no expectations” and “I can’t explain it, just go, you’ll love it.” So I took the weekend off of work and I went.

I am not going to tell you what I learned in the course… just because.  But I will tell you that at the very end we were meditating and I put the question out into the universe, “Should I have a horse in my life?”

Immediately I heard a voice in my head that said, “Yes, an Appaloosa needs you.”  I thought of an Appaloosa I recently fell in love with in Bend Oregon, but she is owned by a friend who takes the best care of her that anyone could.

Then I saw an image of myself riding an Appaloosa.  I knew she was not mine in the image. She was someone I had permission to ride.  Then I saw the farm she was at and a horse trainer I am friends with.

In less than an hour I am on the phone with the horse trainer.  After a few moments of her going through the Appaloosas she knows she figured it out.  There is one at that very farm I saw in my mind and the young woman who owns her recently mentioned she doesn’t have much time for the horse anymore.

In 30 minutes from that I was meeting the young woman with the Appaloosa.  Remarkable in swift time, I now have permission to get to know this horse and to help the young woman with her.

Amazing to me.  The young woman mentioned that just a week early she asked the universe for help …. and I have been asking the universe for a horse I can play with but do not have to own and take on all the responsibilities for.  Get my feet wet in the whole horse in my life again scene.  “There must be someone who thinks it is cool to have the pet psychic hang out with their horse. A win win for all of us.”  I kept telling myself.

The art of manifestation seemed to be something that happened to other people.  I had a pretty good childhood.  I could manifest a lot of things back then, but as an adult my path towards manifestation has not really been a straight arrow.  It curved around boulders and up slippery muddy hills only to be pitched to the bottom in search of another way up the hill. 

I sigh because I have not been angry or upset about this course of action my life usually takes because I know I have been learning skills on how to climb muddy hills and which hills to even bother to climb but so often I get almost right to the top and then I slip back down again.  It gets a bit tiresome.

I don’t know what my future will be with this Appaloosa and her person but for now, just in the beginning, I am happy it manifested and it may be a great thing for all of us.

And perhaps my readers will be able to hear a horse’s perspective to life’s issues in addition to my five companion animals.  If it is cool with the young woman who owners her of course.

The Appaloosa

The Appaloosa says, “I also asked for help so that my person and I can understand each-other better.  And I also wanted someone to be able to tell the people that work with me that I want to do good.  That I want to learn.  I wished people could hear me so that they would know that.  I never want to hurt anyone on purpose.  I want to be loved.”

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6 thoughts on “Diary Of A Pet Psychic 06-05-12”

  1. Laura, this was like reading my own diary. I too had a waking vision, saw my boy and I, I can show you where we were. Well, the rest is a magical story. Many of us will be delighted to see equine posts from you. We ask very strange things of horses, and many of us wonder how our equine friends truly feel about that. Oh, and if you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods needing some horse time, you are more than welcome at my pasture, anytime:D

  2. Laura, I was talking with the mother of the girl who owns this horse. We work in the same office. They are so delighted and grateful for your involvement. Your presence, your information has helped them with all their animal companions. You are indeed blessed and also a blessing to those around you.

  3. She is quite beautiful! The expression on her face is so earnest and sincere. You can tell that she has a kind spirit. I’m happy for everyone involved!

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