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Diary Of A Pet Psychic 2/11


About a year ago I made strict boundaries on my work hours. I did this because I was exhausted, had very little social life, and needed to give my elderly animals more of my time. While scrutinizing my business, I realized that such weekly requests as, “Can you ask my animal just one question?” (for free) could fill a full workday.

I decided to respect every ounce of my time and take care of myself so I would have more energy to sail, surf, horseback-ride, and travel. I exercise, juice vegetables, have given up sugar, and eat well. I am passionate about my work, so when I am working I am full of energy but when I stop the fatigue sometimes overwhelms me. I take two days off. One day I sleep and do errands and the other I work on the computer.

Stormy & Me

My job is similar to those of people who work in rescue in that we are all empathic. We feel every ounce of an animal’s suffering, and we know that whether we are working or not there are animals that could use our service and our time. I have been on a mission to find out how I can have boundless amounts of energy. I want to feel fulfilled in my social life and have even more of my time allotted to work, both.

First, I met with the herbalist Dr. Han. He told me I am depleted in kidney chi and that in my psychic work I am giving all my energy away without refilling it again. I believe in order to do my work well, I have to become enmeshed with every thought and feeling of my client animals and their people. This makes me extremely accurate but also drained. Besides giving me herbs he told me I must meditate. He knows a healer that has boundless energy and her head barely hits the pillow. She meditates more than sleeps.

The next day I met with Andrew Harvey, a spiritualist. He said the same thing Dr. Han said, but in different words. In my work I am giving and not asking the “The Mother” of life to refill me again. I didn’t know I had to ask her. I thought that since my work is service she should do it with out a request. I was wrong.

So in the last two weeks I have been drinking tea, meditating, and praying. Remarkably, coincidentally or not, I have had more business opportunities arise. This also fuels me forward. But yesterday, I had a workday filled with sorrow and the minute it ended I burst into tears. I don’t know if feelings like that will ever go away.

I always have to ask, “What do my animals think of all this?”

Stormy (11-year-old Aussie): “I helped my mom write a prayer and when we pray I see the air turn sparkly and I know we must be doing something right.”

Makia (15-year-old cat): “Meditation is important. It is like the cleaner of dirty or diseased thoughts. Sometimes my mom has other animals’ and people’s thoughts stuck in her so it is even more important for my mom.”

Joey: (16-year-old cat): “I have been praying when I don’t feel well and I am amazed that someone I don’t see makes me feel better. I wish I know it sooner cause then maybe I would have caught more rodents when I was younger.”

Serafina (10-year-old cat): “I have been trying to meditate but it is hard because the squirrels and birds disrupt me. Sometimes I think they are more interesting then the empty space in my head.”

Bean (4-year-old bunny): “I have been thinking a lot about prayer and I wonder how many beings in heaven have been waiting for us to say something to them. Prayer is like saying to them, ‘I believe you are there. I am here if you want to help me. Thank you for helping.”

Maia (wolf-dog in heaven): “The universe and other dimensions are so vast that if you don’t plug into the universal energy you will feel drained. Mom’s new friends are right. She needs to plug in with meditation and prayer. If you fuel yourself with just exercise and food you will only get so far before conking out. My mom is like a space ship. She needs space ship food not just earth food.”

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