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Durga’s Thoughts

This is Durga.  She is seven months old. She says to me, “I saw a rabbit with one leg missing the other day, and I wondered what would eat that rabbit’s leg and how did that happen?”  


What actually happened is that her people found Durga eating a rabbit’s leg.  Don’t worry, she didn’t kill the rabbit. I don’t think the rabbit she said she saw had a leg missing. I believe Durga was trying to process her tasty find and the legs she saw on the rabbit.  She was confused.  


The first thing she said when we spoke was, “Ever since you talked to my brother; I wanted to speak with you. I want my people to know I feel as if they are the kindest people. I have a feeling in my heart about this.  Sometimes I look at them, and I see love coming off of them. That soothes me.  When I go outside, I just want to be back in with them. They are kind to other humans too, and they speak nicely to each other.  I am learning about compassion from them. I am very grateful that they are my people.”


Durga’s people live a very spiritual life. I have found that the animals of spiritual people are more consciously aware.  Durga is very observant for seven months old.  What a beautiful soul.  She is Rama’s brother. You may remember him from a past post.

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