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Emi.wilson.at.jpgEmi says,“I growl at other dogs because I cannot read them anymore. My eyes are blurry and sometimes, especially after my morning medicine, my reaction time is slower. I feel safer if the dogs stay away from me. They don’t understand what is wrong with me. One dog tried to attack me because I scared them with my smell…

I think I give off the smell of a crazy dog. That is scary, because in one respect I feel crazy and in another I am very very smart and together. Please tell my people to keep me away from other dogs. Sometimes my people try really hard and they pick me up and bring me over to the other dogs. Please tell them to stop doing that. Just keep me away until I am better. I am scared that I am going to set a dog off and they are going to attack me and I am not going to be able to get away because I am so slow.”

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