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Fifi, Gigi, and Tchika

Gigi from Heaven said, “Mom is ok if you can’t see me. I am still there. I love you so much. mom, I want to come to you in a dream and I want you to know that my love for you is greater than ever because I can surf the universe. Yes, I can surf the universe to get to you.”

Tchika said, “I make noises for so many different reasons. Yes, sometimes I make a noise because I have so much love in my heart and so much energy to play that I am so excited that the world needs to hear that I am around and that I am willing to be playing.”..“ I feel like when I go out I need that sort of jog energy for a while first because I am not getting enough exercise. Sometimes I feel so bored that I wonder if I could turn on a tv and that is not healthy for animals.”…” I feel like the horses know that I am a winner and I think that the horses should ask me what it is like to be a dog?”

Fifi said, “ Sometimes I think about sharing and then I decide not to because you know how Tchika said how adorable she is ? Well I am sort of more adorable. I think she is adorable too, but my face is very beautiful. I am sort of perfect. My behavior has always been very easy because I understand. Tchika is different because she is like, ‘I am what I am’. I am more like, ‘how I can help you?” I like thinking that Tchika is better because I like it when she comes places. I like us both going places.”…

” I am laughing at you right now (she’s talking about me (Laura). Cause when I see you talking to me you are so sad in your heart and you don’t even know me, and I am laughing about that because I don’t know if I would care if your back hurts. I am very loving to my family. If your back hurts, I would for a moment say, ‘I hope you feel better” Than I would forget about it.” (You have to love her honesty.).

Testimonial: I came to know Laura over the internet. I then decided to contact her and schedule some sessions. I have to say I was very pleased for having done so. Not only is Laura an amazing individual, but also she has an amazing gift which I am very thankful for. I am very grateful that she is able and willing to share it with us. I have already done sessions for five dogs of mine and Laura never disappointed. I had some issues solved and some more understanding about my dogs’ needs and behaviors. Laura is definitely a very special person with a very special gift. I will always be very grateful to her. I can say now that I totally rely on her readings. They all came true to its core. Thank you Laura, myself and my beloved pets appreciate your help.

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