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This is Lacie. At the time of our session she was nine years old.  Sometimes her brother Denver can get aggressive with her.  She says, “I like treat games where I do something and get a treat. You have to put Denver away though because Denver is up in my business all the time. He is like the fun police.  He goes after me when I am confident. I will start to feel confident and then boom he is at me. He is kind of screwy because sometimes he groans at me and sometimes, he groans in his sleep. I don’t know what he is groaning about.”

Lacie’s mom wrote this after our session:  

We are so grateful for our session with Laura! There was so much to ask about our pup Lacie and we learned so much from the session. Lacie is quite humorous and is very in tune with how she feels about her self, and her stereotypical little brother 😉 and we were able to learn what we need to do to help Lacie with her anxiousness. Can’t wait to book another session!

It was so awesome to be able to know what our fur babies are thinking and feeling! I learned a lot about what Lacie and Denver need and feel, and I am so grateful for this amazing experience.

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