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Foster Dog Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper in our house

Bradley Cooper came to us on Sunday May 10th.

In November, he was rescued from a dairy farm with 27 other dogs.

None of the adult dogs would allow people to touch them.  They were safe at Paw Works Rescue but no one knew what to do with them because they could not be handled or adopted out.

My good friend, Tina Baselice, rehabbed  three of the females (She did an amazing job!) and then took Bradley in.  She had him a week when I offered to foster Bradley so she could help the others.

He is slowly getting used to human touch and is showing what a happy dog he is inside.

Here are a few videos and snapshots of the past couple of weeks.

Figuring out sleeping inside.

Bradley Cooper says, “Am I allowed up?”

Learning that there are such things as pet beds, he falls asleep in Ella the cat’s bed.

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