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This is Pony. 
He died at 13 years old. He says from Heaven, “I will be with my dad (person) forever.  I don’t see myself disappearing.  I am very much alive.”
I love this. So often, people and animals wonder if they will still “exist” after they die. When Pony passed away, he was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t “disappear.” 
He also said, “I want to tell my dad that I have tried not to leave his side at all. I feel he can carry me around in his pocket. I know how hard it was for him to let me go.”
Pony’s person is carrying around Pony’s urn of ashes. I believe what Pony meant about “he can carry me around in his pocket” is that Pony’s person could carry some of his ashes in his pocket to be close to him. It is essential to take the time to think about what the animals or deceased people genuinely mean. Often they try to say a lot in a little. These are the little gems to hold dear. 
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