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Gracie Is Missing

Gracie is missing.  She is being hidden by someone who was suppose to adopt her to a good home.  When I spoke to Gracie she says,

“When someone comes over the woman that has me puts me in a back room and she tells me to be quiet it is a secret. She is strange.  She is very talkative to some voice in her head and sometimes the voice argues with her. I have to play with another dog to get my mind away from it.”


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6 thoughts on “Gracie”

    1. So many reasons I dont find lost animals. I do not study it like I do other elements of animal communication. Sometimes animals can tell you where they want to be rather than where they are. Or if they die suddenly they can think they are still alive. And it can be tricky. I like to work on my schedule tuesday – sat 9-4 and my schedule books up. Lost animals are emergency sessions and I like to have set work hours. I worry too much about the animals and often I cant let it go. Sick animals are different because they have their people to comfort them. Sometimes the animals are not found in one session and people expect you to be on call for them and will call you at all hours of the day and night and I do not work well like this. I get stressed. I need my own time. & I even turn down my good clients and friends and clients who have a lost animal because thhere are other animal communicators that are better at it than I am. Lori Spagna and Hilary Renaissance are two. That is sort of an outline of why.

  1. Oh, that makes sense. I understand now.
    I imagine your job must be very stressful…. But you are a gift to this world and to the people you’ve helped. <3

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