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Gracie’s Thoughts

This is Gracie.  She can be a feisty pistol.  Her person is very conscious.  Gracie has had some body issues in the past, although she is super agile.  Her person wanted to ask Gracie not to bite or scratch her when she asked her to get off her lap.


This is what Gracie said, “I want to stay.  That is our love time.   I am giving her special attention.   If she said, ‘Off beautiful being, I love you more than anything. Off beautiful being.’ I think I would be a little more understanding.”  


I explained to Gracie that I know her mom is asking her to get off gently, and she should be more understanding that her mom needs to get up.   She responded, “This is the thing. I love lap time. I don’t want it to end.  I don’t want to get up.”


I reiterated how Gracie must be more understanding and that her mom has other things to do and that it is never ok to scratch and bite.


Gracie then said, “My mommy is awesome. Tell her that although sometimes I scratch and bite, I love her more than anything.  My heart loves my family. I can’t imagine being without her.  Because I scratch and bite, she may think I am not grateful, but I am grateful.  Sometimes I see my mom and dad, and I know we lived another lifetime together. We were all cats.  I remember it.”


 People often take their animals’ behavior personally, but sometimes the animals’ behavior has nothing to do with the people.  Sometimes the animals are in pain, and sometimes they are just sassy.

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