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Monkey Guinny

Guinny says about his fear, “Sometimes when I get scared my eyes see too many things at once. Its like there is too much in front of me.”

What Guinny is saying is that sometimes he does not know how to deal with his fear and it overwhelms him.

What would be helpful is if his person could get him focused on one thing at a time.  This is when positive foundation training can come in handy. Teaching him a sit, down, stay or come in scary situations or teach Guinny a “look at me” command.  Where he looks at his person’s face when he is nervous.

One can also teach dogs like Guinny to recogizie and use their own calming signals.  Body language that helps calm them. These can be licking their lips, yawning, blinking the eyes, looking and looking way, stretching, turning his back, sitting down and lying down… just to name a few.

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1 thought on “Guinny”

  1. Alene LaDelle Brown

    I think Sonny and Buddy still use those “calming” signals you taught them. I often have to stop Buddy from hurting Sonny and when I do, he starts licking Sonny instead of “biting” his neck, or sometimes just walks away. BUT Sonny
    sometimes instigates play, or grooming which turns into “play fighting”. ITs fun to watch them. LaDelle We all miss talking with you, Laura.

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