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I am sorry I disappeared for a while.  Where was I?…  Meditating, writing, headed east for the holidays, sleeping, eating, studying, exploring my mind and my senses, reading, listening to books on my ipod among other things.

I am back and once again I am going to commit to blogging everyday.  It didn’t work out so well the last time, but let’s try again.

I have also decided to be more consistent in posting MY animals daily thoughts.  I have six animals and I will write their daily wisdom or nuances.  Makia my 14 year-old cat on Mondays, Storm my Aussie on Tuesdays, Maia my wolf dog on Wednesdays, Serafina my youngest cat on Thursdays, Bean my bunny on Fridays, and Joey my oldest cat on Saturdays.  This will start this coming Monday.

In the mean while here is what my animals wished for you over the holiday season.  I apologize for my lateness in posting it here.

Storm (Aussie):  I wish that everyone would eat food that is good for his or her body.  That people give their pets a little extra love.  Take a walk where there is beautiful scenery and I wish that no one were lonely.

Maia (wolf-hybrid):  I wish it would snow here in the valley.  I wish that all the animals that have pain in their body have someone to take care of them.  I wish that people stay in love with each other.

Serafina (cat):  I wish that people remain patient.  I have been watching people and the closer the holiday gets the angrier and anxious they get.  It doesn’t make sense.  I wish that people would remember to celebrate.  I wish all cats got their favorite treats.  Greenies are my favorite.

Makia (cat):  I wish that everyone felt beautiful and comfortable in his or her body.  I wish that everyone believes in the gift that is deep inside of him or her.

Joey (cat):  I wish that when people have a mouse in their house they thought twice about killing it.  We have one that has lived here a long time.  This mouse even I cannot hunt.  I wish that when people travel they got nice people to take care of their animals.  If you have a bad person it can scare your pets.  If you have a good person, your pets can learn to trust and be friendly with someone new.

Bean (Bunny):  I wish that people understand that when they rush and think about the future or the past they are not truly leaving.  I wish that everyone realized that the moment is what to be thankful for.  I know this because I watch people and I see that when my mom is in the present she is more productive and a lot happier which makes us want to help her more.  We can help our person because she works with animals and everything she learns from us she can help others with.

Mr. Squirrelly:  My wish is that everyone plays with his or her family.  It is hard when you get in a large group to all be friendly.  When us squirrels get together in a large group we make sure we do something active like run up and down trees and play.  If you don’t make sure you play you will for sure get in a fight.  It may not be a bad fight, but there will be a fight.

Mousey (mouse who has been living in my closet):  My wish is that you let me get back to my family.  My wish is that I don’t have to live outside.  My wish is that you forget that I am here.  My wish is that everyone has a nest that they adore.

New Years Resolutions to come….

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