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How Otis Became A Stray



Otis was found as a stray and brought to a shelter.  He has lived in his new home for many years.  His people wanted to know what happened to him.  How did he become a stray?  Otis answered, “I lived with a family with many kids.  We were at a large field while the kids played ball.  Everyone was loading the gear into the station wagon.  I saw another dog and ran off to play.  We were playing for a while and when I looked up the station wagon was gone.  I think they forget me by accident.  I then went looking for them.  I thought I knew the way home.  I went on a very busy road and then I got picked up and ended up in the shelter.  I don’t think my people knew to look for me there.  They for sure missed me.” After, I was told that Otis does love kids and that he had been hit by a car the day he got brought to the shelter.  It seemed Otis had blocked that part out, but he remembered the busy road!


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