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Michael and Micah were rescued from Beirut, Lebanon. http://animals.beirut.com They are survivors of war. Here are what they have to say:
Laura: Michael and Micah what was war like?
Michael: The hardest part of where I came from was loosing my family and smelling burning flesh. Everything I knew to be safe became dangerous. Peoples’ eyes turn cold and the birds go silent.
Micah: I miss my children and the smell of my Lebanese mom cooking. I miss the smell of the earth and the laughter of my family.
Laura: How did you survive?

Michael: We stayed together mostly and only went out at night when the men with guns could not see us. We knew where pipes were broken so we could have water and sometimes we had to eat things that made us sad.
Micah: We knew not to go near any loud noises. One would sleep when the other would stay awake. We learned to always know a way out and that our bodies could squish into any corner or under any obstacle.
Laura: How did you get rescued?
Michael: I remember smelling shampoo and clean clothes. I told Mika we better go towards that smell because maybe it could show us where our family went. We found a nice woman who was not dirty. Her eyes were soft and I could tell instantly we were safe.
Micah: When there are so many people filled with sorrow and rage, it is easy to trust in the few people that don’t hate.
Laura: How have you adjusted to being in your new home?
Michael: It was very hard at first. I would not know where I was when I woke up and I thought the new dog was going to steal my food. We are able to be in the house and no matter what we do we are loved. Yesterday, I got scared on my first off leash walk. It was hot and I didn’t know where water was. I ran away to find water and I heard a truck and I had to hide because I thought I shouldn’t be in the open during daylight. I heard my mom calling me, but I was scared to go to her. I finally was brave and she kissed me. My new home is very sweet.
Micah: I don’t like seeing dead bodies out of the corner of my eye. I don’t know when that is going to go away. I feel scared that people will hate each other and war will start again. My new family does not have any hate inside of them. That helps me to adjust. My new dog friend says that everything takes time. I wish she were younger so she could play with us. It feels good to feel safe enough to play.
Laura: Is there anything you want to tell people?
Michael: I would like to tell everyone who helped us as well as my new family thank you. I want to tell people to stop and think before you hurt someone, because if you hurt one being you hurt many.
Micah: It’s harder for angels to do their job when you allow your mind to get dirty and the earth smells better when you allow things to grow.

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