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What is it like being a Pit Bull?
“I truly like being a pit bull, but not always. When I was in the shelter, I heard someone saying that all dogs like me will bite. I would never bite. They also say that shelters put us to death more than any other breed. I don’t know if that is true but that scared me.
I like my body because I feel strong even when I am shy inside.”

Do you think people treat you differently because you are a Pit Bull?
“Oh, yes. Most people have fearful eyes when they look at me. I use to get scared when

scoring%20another%20hug-at.jpg I saw their eyes get frightened. I use to think there was something scary behind me. Then I figured out it is me they are scared of. Both my mom (person) and I think that people are silly. So my person picks me up and holds me upside down and almost immediately people smile. I love to make people smile. It is amazing how an upside down dog can bring so much joy.”
Have you heard that some people like to watch your breed fright with one another?
“Oh yes, I have heard this and this is a terrible thing. I think that those dogs that fight have had the love beaten out of them and they are trying to protect themselves. That is the only reason a Pit Bull would fight like that. I hope that God fills those dogs up with so much love they never feel pain again. I hope that in death they find peace.”
Anything you want to tell your mom?
“There is an old lady who we go and see. I think we should see her again soon. I am scared she is going to die. Sometimes she doesn’t remember us, though when she pets me something goes off in her mind. I think that she needs us.
Just tell my mom I love her and she can hear me like you do and that I understand everything she says. Sometimes I think about what my life would be like if I have not met her. I would probably be scared and stupid. I am so glad my mom came and got me. She is a gift to me. Do you believe God gives us gifts of friendships that last forever? Because, I don’t think that it is just luck. If so I am so lucky.”

Anything you would like to tell people about Pit Bulls?
“I want to tell people that by nature we are a very compassionate breed. We like to work for our people and we love to play a lot. I know people are scared of our teeth and that we have a big mouth. But I don’t like to chew on things that are hard. I can’t imagine biting a person. That would be hurtful. I have people and dog friends of all ages. I want to lick them, but I don’t want to get them dirty. I think every Pit Bull on some level knows that people are scared of us. I want people to know that if you take in a Pit Bull from a shelter they will probably love you and be more loyal then any other breed. We know it is only special people who are willing to walk around with someone who has so much hatred directed towards them. I want to tell people to get to know us. If they like laughter they would like us.”
my%2050%20pound%20baby-at.jpgDaisy with her person, Alison.

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