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Is The Old Griffith Park Zoo Haunted?

Abandoned Cage

Sign At The Site Of The Old Griffith Park Zoo

The old Griffith Park Zoo was in operation from 1912 to 1965 before it moved two miles down the road to its current location. It had been suggested to me that I, the Pet Psychic, go to the ruins of this Zoo to see what I sense. On this assignment my assistant/producer Ai, four others working camera, sound and other various equipment, as well as my dog Storm King and Ai’s dog Ventura accompany me. Immediately as I approach the ruins I am buckled over with nausea. The large animal enclosures are small, dark and gloomy. Some of the cages are open and we are able to walk through long, dark, steep, passageways to what must have been the nighttime holding pens. Satanic designs are painted on the walls and litter crowds the corners. In my minds eye, cats like lions, tigers, servals, bobcats, cougars, leopards are weaving past me. They are skeletons with skin, sick to their stomachs, and fearful of coming out into the light. In a dark hallway, I see an image of small dead spotted cat. “We are sick” I hear, “We don’t want to have to walk by the dead one, but every night they make us. Our eyes are stinging and our stomachs hurt. Two of the bigger cats have tried to kill each other for food. We all used to be in the wild. They captured us and brought us here. Why? People wont leave us alone.  They come here and stare at us. We are scared to move on to the bright light. Its too bright for us.”

I look to my dog Storm, “Mom, they are saying that people electrocuted them with poles. Why would people do that? Mom, they have metal collars on them that are too tight, why don’t their mom’s take them off?”

I am not the only human that senses the suffering. The others feel cramped and suffocating.

Outside in a larger enclosure, I sit and call in animals that have already passed over to come and take the animals that have been left behind. I contemplate why a higher power has not already come for them. It seems so cruel. I explain to the cats that they must go towards the light even though their eyes burn. I tell them that they will feel safe and free once again. I bow my head. I pray. I ask for sign that I have been heard. I raise my head and see my initials written in white on two of the walls next to me. I think about coincidences and a long for a more convincing sign.

There is more suffering I sense, a monkey accidentally hanging himself from spinning from psychosis, elephants with sore infected pussy feet, and a komodo dragon peering out of the darkness. Even the skeptics bow their heads. The suffering seems to stick to our breaths.

When Ai arrives home she does research and learns that during World War Two the Zoo could not afford to feed beef to the cats any longer so they tried to feed them horse-meat. This had a disastrous effect on the feline species. All of the cats at the zoo got sick and died. My Old Griffith Park Zoo animal psychic communications gets validated but I am not thrilled. I think of the spirits that are still trapped within their enclosures and I pray that their souls are released.

Please envision them being brave and venturing towards the light. Imagine the cage doors open and the angels of their species coming to guide them. Imagine that the love we have for the ones that suffer sets them free.

Old Griffith Park Zoo
"Historic Enclosures That Are No Longer Appropriate For Housing Animals"
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7 thoughts on “Is The Old Griffith Park Zoo Haunted?”

  1. I was afraid of what you would find, and it must have been horrible. I hope they all make it through the light.

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  5. I’m not sure what I am but I can feel things that are not in the physical world. I have seen animals that I know have died. I am planning to go there just to see the historical and maybe feel something.

  6. I visited this site for the first time yesterday. I saw the monkeys. I saw the cats. One tiger in particular. Pure skin and bones, refusing to eat. The stress and anguish in this place brought me to tears more than once. I too felt that they could not move on. It’s heartbreaking. How can people be so cruel?

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