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Ivory is 29 years old


This was written by Ivory’s person after our session. It is a good example how sometimes things do not make sense at the time of the session but can make sense to us later on 🙂

I enjoyed the reading done today by Laura for my cockatoo Ivory. Ivory identified many things that I did not recognize. Laura told me that animals see things differently than humans sometime and it may (or may not) come to me what he was talking about. One thing he mentioned he liked alot was lime green rings. I looked around the room and tried to find such an item, but no lime green rings were to be found. Later, the same day I was going over the notes of Ivory’s reading when the light bulb came on! Ivory had been talking about the lime green plastic chain links he chews on all the time! He viewed the “links”as rings. I can’t wait for the light bulb to come for some of the other things he mentioned to Laura! Thank You Laura!

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