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This is Jazz. She is having some problems getting acclimated to her new situation. She is pacing, and she had to be separated from one of the horses because they were not getting along.

She says, “Where I am is nice. I get to see the ponies, and they make me happy.”

She goes on to talk about the horse she had to be separated from, “I am annoyed at him. He keeps telling me to stop being stupid, and I am like, ‘That is no way to talk with me,’

and he says that I make him dizzy with my pacing.  

I tell him, ‘be quiet,’

and he says, ‘I want to kick you when you do that .’

Then I say to him, ‘let me live my life,’

and he said, ‘do it somewhere else.’

I go on to tell her that she has a home for life and all the reasons she should settle and enjoy life.  

Jazz says, “Can I have peppermints?” Peppermint candies are a special treat around this farm.

She then says, “Are you telling me My mom is my person? I am so glad because she’s wonderful.”

Because horses usually have multiple owners in their lifetime, there is nothing more satisfying for me to tell a horse they have a forever home. Jazz loves her person. I know she is on the fast track to healing her anxiety.

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