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This is Lily. She is a survivor! Something attacked her. She needed surgery to amputate her tail and had several other bite wounds.

When I asked her what happened, she said, “Do you know that animal that is like a beaver but different? It was crazy. It wasn’t a coyote or a bobcat. It looked like a beaver. It was so scary, and it hissed at me and ran at me, and it would not let me go. It seriously would not let me go. It had me. I was scratching at it and biting at it. It wouldn’t let me go, so I peed in its eyes, and that made it release me. … I have fox friends. I was near their den. They said, ‘come in here quick.’ They said to each other, ‘let her stay here with us,’ and they hissed at that thing. Everyone knows it’s crazy.”

I am sure Lily got attacked by a Badger.  She is lucky to be alive.  I am so happy she has fox friends who helped her be safe and people who love her and do their best to take care of her.   

Please take a moment to picture Lily back to her healthy self.

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